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After Tlaib and Omar Are Barred by Netanyahu, Why Would Any Self-Respecting Democrats in Congress Do the AIPAC Tour Again?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/17/after-tlaib-and-omar-are-barred-netanyahu-why-would-any-self-respecting-democrats


Well, it’s right there in the headline. No “self respecting” democrat.
There is no self respect in the hierarchy of the Democratic Party anymore. There are only piggies at the trough.


“Why would they do the Israel tour again?”

Because of the Benjamins.


Self-respecting Democrat. That is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Self-respecting Democrat is damned near as side splitting as Compassionate Republican. Next thing we’ll see a headline proclaiming a Moral Fundamentalist. And to really add zing to the joke’s punchline, they have a picture of Steny Hoyer. That’s hilarious.


You have to ask?


Realize that this major F-up by Trump and Israel is a moment. A major chance to start the turn of public opinion solidly against Israel, our support for it, and a chance to gain major sympathy for oppressed Palestinians. We need to press this moment. We need to not just demand apologies for the Congresswomen involved. We need to use this moment to DEMAND an end to ALL U. S. financial and military aid to the criminal, illegitimate “state” of Israel as a prelude to finally gaining a world-wide boycott and embargo of Israel until it leads to its collapse and takeover by the rightful Palestinian owners of ALL of the land they had stolen from them over the past 90+ years.


Throwing snow balls from Ann Arbor ain’t gonna get er done.
Stopping the flow of munitions, spare parts and USAID does.
I will not hold my breath waiting for Nancy to censure Israel government.
We like hard line autocratic rulers as allies.


As usual Prof Cole tells it like it is. The DINO corporate/banker/Israeli wing Dems, do nothing meaningful to secure the absolute defeat of trump and his regime from Hell, that would also weaken their craven wing of neoliberal rot - but they do find time to lick netanyahu’s ass and in doing so demean what America is supposed to stand-for (laugh now).

The entire DINO establishment leadership and its mechanisms are doing all they can to empower trump & co, sabotage the progressive/left/independent base - all those people of good conscience that have had a belly-full of trump and his regime, and actually fight against it!.
The pelosi schumer biden obama, clinton wing of sellouts, traitors, saboteurs, warmongers and just plain complicit scum serve the status quo oppression of the vast majority of people and by doing so are gasping their last worthless breaths as guardians of the utterly failed DINO neoliberal takeover of the DP since clinton, thru obama, and into the Red Queens debacle.

We desperately need new thinking, some real fight against trump and the destruction of Mother Earth, new moral leadership ala Bernie Sanders, new foreign policy vis a vis Israel especially, and some goddamn respect and action for the 99% , not more coddling and soft-peddling trump with sellout DINO Dem betrayals!

BERNIE 2020! The People’s President!


Anyone really think that all of that $38 Billion of our tax dollars congress gives to Israel Stays in Israel?
Or ya think some of it is cycled back as “donations” to those what give it to them in the first place?


While I object to even a dime of U. S. money going to Israel, let’s not get carried away. Our aid averages about $3 POINT 8 Billion/year, not $38 Billion, or about $143 Billion since 1947 (according to a figure I saw on cable TV the other night). And Israel is the single largest recipient of U. S. foreign aid, period.

OK, Think any of that is circling back to congress?

yes…over 10 years…


In Israel Benjamins are called shekels. Lots and lots of shekels buy lots of favors. And they blame Russia for election interference from a few hundred grand compared to millions from the pro Israeli lobbies. Ha! Peace


Sometimes those hard questions must be asked, just like the one above. I have tried to hold my tongue and be respectful. It is not working and I ask myself why? I realize that I am a total failure at just being quite and standing off to the side.

Since before I was of voting age there has never been any doubt in my mine where my political loyalties lay. It was the Democratic Party that most upheld what it was that I believed in. Was I a big mover or shaker in the party?

No, I am more of a street fighter and the only weapons I ever had were my big mouth and an over the top fantasy of me looking like a six-foot-two being of great intimidation to the enemy defending those who needed defending. That of course never stopped the police dogs snapping in my face or the police horses from stepping on my toes. But then it was the sixties. As for now in 2019 how dangerous can I be?

As for supporting my party, I was not one to rush out and register voters, and no, I was not rich where I could make up in donations what I could not do physically. Unfortunately today that may be how I am judged. But wait! I am making this much too personal. I regress.

What I seek is justice, and doing the right thing no matter what. That is why Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar represent me. As for the Dem leaders Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and Steny Hoyer….not so much.


Or waiting for her OK to Impeach. !@#%^&*(*^@!

Sweetie…one must first educate the American people…most of which cannot even tell you where the Mississippi River is. That has been my experience.

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If Krooked Hilliary is the Red Queen, does that make Tweetle-Dumb the Red King?  Or did that title already belong to Moscow Mitch before the 2016 election??

p.s.  Congresspeople worthy of ANYONE’s respect are about as numerous as Passenger Pigeons
and Pileated Woodpeckers.

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eh… well kissy-face I’m not sure what youre referring to.

I agree the America People (in general ) are pretty ignorant, thats by design, but you don;t’ have to be Thomas Jefferson to figure this out. Not much of a leap in this corrupt system.

Hey, Fes - I am reluctant to apply any title other than those related to a sewer, bodily function or disease, or other extreme label to that evil malignant cretin - the other senate scumbag deserves much the same.

One small point - Passenger pigeons are extinct while Pileated woodpeckers are not, I have at least three mated pairs around my home/property, and hear them often or while flying their odd way - seeing them is less common, as they are notoriously shy but still do from time to time. You perhaps meant to refer to the Ivory-billed woodpecker that is thought extinct, but some few people think they may survive in the deep southern swamps - I do wish for their survival as I do all our wild creatures. Peace brother.

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Where are the progressives and why are they not demanding something to be down and funds to Isarel be halted. Where are moderate dems that are not corporate?

This is disgusting. My Jewish friends are appalled with go around of Trump’s making


I don’t imagine that we need to dip into the morass of which Democrats are “self-respecting” and just what that means.

The problem here is that Cole apparently wants to imagine that Democrat means someone involved on some level with pro-worker and pro-poor and egalitarian policies, whereas this has been so obviously false for so long that voters who do not remember at least the Jimmy Carter regime and the usurpation of the presidency by the elder Bush and his deal with the Ayatollah Khomeini to retain American hostages have very little reason to imagine that it was ever even slightly true.

The usurpation of the Democratic Party by corporatists fuels the Ayn Randian response that is called “libertarian” in the US. It is not a question of “self-respect.” It is very easy to call that “the left,” point out its corruption, and decide that no government regulation of much of anything is advantageous, ignoring actions of governance by large corporations, the roles of government in money, and probably a lot of other things as well.

It does not help this much to continue to imply that being Democrat implies any sort of egalitarian position.

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