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After Tobacco Stock Purchases Exposed, Trump's CDC Director Resigns


After Tobacco Stock Purchases Exposed, Trump's CDC Director Resigns

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr.


I hope that she’s a chain smoker. That would be something, at least.


There are more swamp critters in DC now than all of south Louisiana! :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:


Please! That comparison is so disrespectful to LA,'s swamp critters it should be criminal.


More COI at the CDC.

Seems like every single employee of this administration, has a Conflict of Interest of one sort or the other.

I guess we all knew this was going to occur when Trump ordered “Ethics” classes at the White House were not necessary.


I agree. Crocodiles and Alligators are much more intelligent than the “Swamp Scum” in DC.

Crocs, and Alligators have been around since prehistoric times.

These scumbags in DC have their days numbered.


And the Divine Committe said: “Throughout all of creation for every ounce of “smarts” we bequeth it must be accompannued by and intergreted with an once and one-half of dumb a**!”


Guess who sold cigarettes in ads when I was growing up during the 1950s and 60s? DOCTORS!


No need to guess. I remember the TV commercials (“Nine out of ten doctors smoke Chesterfields!” and “Kent–with the Micronite filter!”)

I was hooked at an early age—practically every adult I knew smoked, along with all the movie stars—but fortunately was able to kick when cigs were still 75 cents a pack.


In Dr. Fitzgerald’s defense, cigarette sales, and treating cancer and heart disease are good for our GDP.

Which is just fucked up in itself.


As a profitable little sideline our Dr. Brenda used to sell “anti-aging” potions to her captive audience, the new mothers. And to the new fathers as well! Looking at her photograph, I don’t know… The word quackery comes to mind. Unless she’s 102, of course.


Maybe we start a unethical politician tax, or a being a liar while in public office tax. At 25 cents a lie we could pay off the national debt in no time.


Maybe now she will have time to get into the “fat burning” pills. I here there’s a future in that.


Nothing says kleptocracy more than Trump’s serial appointment of crooks.


I bet most members of Congress own stock in weapons companies whose products have one purpose - killing other people. At least tobacco users have a choice, unlike the the innocent victims of US weaponry.


A doctor? A doctor of what? spreading misery, disease and death?


Dr Fitzgerald’s ties to Coca-Cola are even more absurd:


I really must agree with ReconFire… however, another possible simile might be a sewer tank before the microbial activity kicks in. I like to think in terms of the aggregate power of microbes and vigour of mycelium. They transfer very coherently to the diversity of societal dynamics that make ousting of something like trump as natural as an immune response to a bad case of ------------- (name your favorite).


Whee ha! head of the snake oil sales force scaling the $#!tpile?


As a 19-year-old ordinary seaman, I used to buy Camel straights from the slop chest for $1.30/carton—which was still more expensive than the BX at Subic. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em, squid.