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After Trump and Obama: A President’s Day Resolution to Abolish the Presidency


After Trump and Obama: A President’s Day Resolution to Abolish the Presidency

Ben Manski

In December, Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin mockingly reported that “Trump Can’t Believe No One’s Thrown a Parade in His Honor.” Several months later, that characterization was substantiated by Trump himself, as he ordered the Pentagon to parade the U.S. Armed Forces down Pennsylvania Avenue.


The many failings of the past ten years cannot ALL be blamed on the presidunces — the fault also falls in large part on Congress, both in sins of omission in failing to reign in executive excess and sins of commission in the passing of several terrible laws that have impacted both the freedoms and the economic well-being of ordinary citizens.


Why stop at abolishing the Presidency?

As if McConnell, Ryan, Sessions and all the conservative troglodytes in the GOP and Dems were any better.

Direct Democracy


Where were the president bashers when the village idiot who started two wars was lying about WMD s. That little bastard should have been in the dock at the Hague.


Just picked up a copy of La País. I’m on Granada time. The headline reads (here we go) “La nueva doctrinia nuclear de Trump apunta a los ciberataques” His new doctrine for pushing the “big” red button now includes cyber attacks. Does that include pathetic cyber attacks by Russia or Trump’s or Hillary’s foot solders or their cyber attacks against (fill in your favorite nation)? Good god. We’re faced with the extinction or near extinction of life on earth, and this shit is going in Washington or in other parts of the Good ol’ USofA.

The governing bastards here running the US are going nuts. Trump should be locked up in a dungeon somewhere in a straight jacket deep in in the bowls of the White House basement where he can do no harm. If his pathetic family complain, they should be locked up with him. It may not hold back the lunatics in the US government, but it will at least hold them down.


The Presidency is actually not one job. It’s the branch of government that administrates. It a necessary part of our democracy.


Excellent point. The word in the street is that the Swiss never remember the name of their president as it rotates every year. They have an executive council of seven (for a population of 8 millions), who rotates one as president each year…but with equal powers as the other six members. The point I am trying to make is that there are many other models of successful presidencies. The one the US has, it worships almost in a cultish way the president as an individual…and to top it all…his wife too!!! As if she were a queen…not just the companion of an elected representative of the people and who has nothing to do with his job of administering the country.


I have often thought in the past year that we don’t really have a president anyway - couldn’t we possibly do without one? I’m not talking about getting rid of the executive branch, just that one position.


Under our circumstances, I don’t see any options. Replace what we have with what? In view if how profoundly divided we are today, rich vs. middle class vs. poor, etc., a legitimately representative form of government isn’t possible. We’re in an era when even those who consider themselves progressive have found it acceptable to deny the poor the most basic human rights (UDHR) of food and shelter. Ideals are great, but we’re stuck with reality. I have no idea where the country can go from here, or even if there’s a chance of breaking free from hard right rule.


One boss is replaced with another. With rare exception, Congress makes the decisions. The president can only submit his proposals. Our current Congress appears to have two right wings. Little would change.


The use of financial “mass” to swing the balance of governance and leadership seems more the problem of American and foreign governance issues.
In that Facism and xenophobia are generally accepted western modes of governance and domestic policy, the conditions leading to such consequential social divergences aren’t just the reaction to economic and/or social factors.
There must be a significant financial investment that is willing to underwrite a nascent movement as a political vehicle, pushing the carcass of popullist elements,into bites of media presence in demonstrative acts whenever the “movement” is to poised to raise its head.
It isn’t the President, per se, it isn’t Congress either. Both institutions function in the context they were assigned to originally. The corruption of the system supporting the institutions is the fault and it is totally corrupt with the crown criminal act of SCOTUS Citizens United guaranteeing a criminally powerful financial control of elections and the elected.


Democracy? You’re joking.


I would put it this way: Congress has a right wing and a fake left wing!


I’ve come to realize that in my mind, we already don’t have a president of the U.S. I can’t bring myself to believe nor respect trump as a president. The presidency of the U.S. was made a big joke when trump was elected…and the rest of the world is laughing at us.