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After Trump Asserts Authority to Pardon Himself, House Dems Demand WH Records on 'Dangerous' Abuse of Power


After Trump Asserts Authority to Pardon Himself, House Dems Demand WH Records on 'Dangerous' Abuse of Power

Julia Conley, staff writer

Hours after President Donald Trump doubled down on his claim that he has the authority to pardon himself should he be found guilty of any crime, Democrats in the House moved to force a vote on a resolution to demand White House records on the president's use of his pardon power.


I’ll be glad to pardon the trumptard … right after the guillotine chops off both of his miniscule heads! :lying_face::clown_face::yum::lying_face::clown_face::yum:


Okay. Here are more good democrats worthy of attention by the focused species intelligence human. It’s either that or die pedal to the metal, frozen at the wheel, straight into the abyss, of desolation row.


What is really sick is that people like Trump, people with every privaledge in society, think that they can stick it to everyone else, violate every standard of decency, morality, and legality, that they egregiously and brutally enforce against even the most disadvantaged mentally and physically ill among us, commit every and any crime known to modern man, use all of our laws and our government and religion to get away with tremendous violations of these laws and codes of morality, and then when they are finally caught by their very own law enforcement agencies for massively and egregiously violating their own standards, they demand to be pardoned as if they are absolutely entitled to this pardon and as if it would be some kind of an abomination to refuse them this unjustified pardon that they would deny all others who are not as economically advantaged or socially well connected.

In the real America, no one is above the law, not the president, not members of Congress or the Supreme Court, not the egregiously wealthy, or the fantastically famous or popular, yet today in the fake America that we now must live in, there is no real rule of law, just those with power versus the powerless. Half of the American people seem to believe that it is acceptable to cause harm to other people as long as they are not personally being affected, and sometimes they don’t even care if their harmful behavior hurts them as long as it does more harm to people that they don’t like or have used as scapegoats to avoid having to address the real causes of the complicated problems that plague our society in the modern age. It is much easier to hate and blame immigrants and people of color for white man’s woes, rather than to take some real responsibility for one’s self and become more enlightened or better educated and actually do what it takes to build a better life and a better world for everyone and themselves. Bigotry thrives in laziness, both physical laziness and intellectual and moral laziness. Hate is easy, it takes more work and understanding to try brotherly love instead.

However, the wind has finally changed after forty years. I have been watching and waiting for this time. The end of “all for me and nothing for anyone else” is coming. Selfishness, greed and destruction and endless growth of industrialization is not sustainable and a new world order of sustainability and living with nature, not against nature must come or else we are all doomed and after man is finally gone then perhaps nature will find a way to reestablish herself once again in all of her beautiful and bounteous glory. I hope that some of us, those who have learned the lessons well, may have the privaledge to see it. If not, then so be it and perhaps good riddance to the one species who lives by destroying all other species.


Dump admitted his guilt.


A nice summary of what we already know. Problem here is…We have no Leader, no Resistance and we are to lazy to fight back with force, which is the only way to end the slaughter. They want us to die, plain and simple.


Not all of us, just the high maintenance sick and the surplus ones who have no jobs. Here is the tricky part, they have to have enough surplus workforce to keep wages low. A ready supply of undocumented workers has helped immensely in selected sectors.


On his way to the G7 Summit, Donald Trump told reporters he was considering 3,000 (!!!) petitions for pardons from people who had been “unfairly treated” by the Justice System. So it’s not just the FBI, he has declared war on the Judicial Branch of the federal government. If anyone still thinks this man is completely sane, then they need to rush to their own psychiatrists for a thorough checkup.


What about the banksters? Have they been held accountable?