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After Trump Covid-19 Diagnosis, Pelosi and Raskin to Propose Creating Commission on Presidential Capacity

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/after-trump-covid-19-diagnosis-pelosi-and-raskin-propose-creating-commission


Yes, there are some rather serious questions.


The disease has a 14 to 30 day gestation period. Trump is only at it’s early stages of civid-19. The worse is yet to come, he can’t fool neither the virus nor can he cheat death like he has been cheating everyone else all of his life.


Any candidate for elected office should be evaluated before being nominated. This would include in-depth investigations into any financial problems that would make that person vulnerable to blackmail or other extortion, just as is done with regular applicants for a civil service position. They also would be given a battery of psychiatric tests, including those developed to sniff out sociopaths and the one for authoritarians.
When I was being vetted for a simple GS-5 position with Social Security, a position that placed me in a situation of allowing or denying benefits and of computing benefit amounts, two G-men from the FBI cold-called all my references, showing up at their doors without warning. But this was the late 60’s-early 70’s, and I did have a few issues with my cv, like being active in the Civil Rights movement.
The same should be done for those running for office, you’d think.


Some rather serious questions for some rather serious time now.


Same for anyone buying a gun too.


What’s more Terrifying than Trump conducting a coup, how about Nancy Pelosi being in charge of doing something about it. I think that fact scares me even more than Trump.


Republicans use the “Is The President Crazy Act” to demand investigation into Joe Biden five minutes after his inauguration.


it is 8:20 pm eastern
we strongly think that former republicans, now trumpers and trumpettes
are internally negotiating a 10 or 14 day vacation for the donald.

This 25th enforcement is related to the senate approval of the new justice, Amy.

They are not concerned about USA families, citizens, elderly.
Only themselves.

Nancy’s plot of forming a house permitted 25th commission is about as effective as her impeachment effort = a smelly fart.


I was wondering this outliud and sense it’s appropriateness. Trump’s condition is only going to get worse.


How about creating a commission on money sickness? How about creating a commission to help figure out why the hell the elected congresspersons and presidents, and the unelected administrative and managerial classes that enable them, are so insane as to sacrifice the future of humanity on the altar of money?

Surely you can see, dear reader, that this entire system is insane. Surely you can see that this extraordinarily rare and exquisitely beautiful planet is being rendered into an ashen cinderblock by the prevailing economic order. Surely you can see that the prevailing economic and political establishment is homicidal, suicidal, and ecocidal. This is a matter for a governmental commission. Don’t you agree? How about creating a commission to study this matter? Wouldn’t this be an excellent use of taxpayer money?

I have another idea. Let’s invite the commission members to be utterly candid. Let’s tell them to stop worrying about the propaganda that will surely be generated to smear them when they tell the truth. Please. Let’s have a little candor. The air is so stale.


Firstly, Trump should have never even been considered fit to run for office.

Secondly, where the fuck does Nancy get off when the democrats are running a senile jackass that can’t even finish a fucking sentence.

Bigly, why bother this close to the election… because that’s what Nancy does. Make the democrats look like fucking hypocritical assholes which has primarily been the job of republicans.

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Stop, put your markers down, we have a B-I-N-G-O!


CDC guidelines is 20 days of isolation after onset. Seems to me some of these doctors should face serious investigations into what they’re doing. And drumpf should be facing legal action for endangering those around him at the very least. Somebody please grow a spine!

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Sorry, too late, Buddha already figured it all out long ago. Funny how we see a number of politicians wanting to have their picture taken with the Dalai Lama, but then ignore the teachings once they go to work.

Well, all things considered it might be best that a watchdog group be created to ensure for now neither the president nor any of the others mentioned have access to the nuclear football nor any other nuclear buttons. Covid 19 going through the leadership and experimental drugs having unknown effects on recipients… God knows what the consequences could be.

There is only one thing that needs to be said… What we see now is Trump on Steroids. SCARY!!!

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Indeed, as we have Nancy Pelosi saying that she wishes to create a commission so that they can “talk” about the 25th amendment. This is like saying that if a neighbor sees a house across the street from them which is on fire then they should consult with other neighbors before calling the fire department. The time is not for talking but for action especially since the election is not months from now but will be here in less than four weeks. And this is why Trump, who is becoming more unhinged by the day, has no concerns about this since he knows that the Democrats, as you correctly point out, are spineless.

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The voters evaluated trump, and it don’t matter.
Reminds me of a reina del cid song “Morse Code”
A love song that could have been about our country as a lost love.
The hook line is “It don’t matter.”

The voters didn’t evaluate drumpf, and it did matter.

Anyone and everyone running for public office should have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at the very least. For most of my entire life I’ve been watching corrupt lying republicans being elected time and time again at the local level. So, maybe voters should have to be evaluated too. Ha! Talk about failing democracies. Heavy sigh.

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