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After Trump Impeachment Acquittal, Dems to Largely End Investigations of President

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/17/after-trump-impeachment-acquittal-dems-largely-end-investigations-president

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Couldn’t LOOK at them. Were they standing in front of Shrub’s “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” banner?





…off the hook? What hook?


I say impeach him again. Let’s get all of the right-wing dirty laundry out in the open. Give it some air, with investigations, and get rid of some of the stench.

If Pelosi let’s trump off the hook, it’s no longer shame on them, it’s shame on us as well.


Perogi Proggies advise that middle east wars are an issue.
Banks, NYC wall street and their high risk is an issue.
Bridges, water are an issue

If Pelosi’s part of us, we have more to worry about than them.


Well, surprise surprise.

The idea was to have a nominal impeachment that could be pointed to, not start pulling at threads of corruption that would obviously run hither and thither all over Washington.

It is a little like starting a rumor about “Russian meddling,” but refusing to turn the computers in question over to the FBI for investigation.


Robby, Debbie & Podesta certainly didn’t think that one up at some Chelsea dive bar on election night? I’m guessing they’d David Brock on speed-dial? It’s going to be harder & harder to satirize or properly parody these slavering jackals as all nascent lefty blog-aggregators are bought-up/ shut down, once PropR’Not gets it’s drone swarms & SWAT teams?


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This confirms that Pelosi, a Republican mole, intended to sabotage the impeachment from the get go. First she didn’t want to do it; then she pushed a feeble, way to limited and guaranteed to be ineffective impeachment; now she wants to drop the whole thing. Leaving most of his crimes uninvestigated.
Merely investigating these and entering them on the Congressional Record would be ammunition for the campaign against his royal highness even without a second impeachment.
The latter would be a bad idea; as he could just sing the “why’s everybody pickin on me” song; but getting the evidence out on the record from the investigating power of Congress would be priceless.


She never wanted to do this in the first place. SHE is part of the problem for this, and other reasons, and will remain a roadblock to any change to the Status Quo


60 Minutes report from yesterday, showed that a digital copy of all data on the DEM servers - a digital carbon copy I guess - was given to the FBI - files that allowed the FBI to apparently do exactly the same things as if the actual hard servers were “turned them to over”. See the link, that should explain better than I…Hope I understand the gist of your comment.

Much or all of that"server" story was actual fake news with trump spewing his rot and propaganda lies it appears.



If they are going to focus on Healthcare you can bet they are not going to push for Expanded & Improved Medicare For All.


Trump has weaponized the Gish Gallop to an extent I didn’t think possible.

He did nothing wrong.
This is a witch hunt.
What he did wrong wasn’t impeachable.
I have to punish those who accused me.
I can dictate terms for the Justice Department.
Bill Clinton is an adulterous maniac.
I have never committed adultery.
Adulterous maniacs are not bad people.


What to get a little more nervous?
I have no idea if this guy is credible but…


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Closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

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Pelosi has been assiduously defending Repub presidents/war criminals Bush and Trump all along.
She made sure “Impeachment is off the table” with Bush and that the weakest possible impeachment process would be brought against Trump. This is all deliberate. Her loyalties are to the same class that those guys represent, and they aren’t baying for Trump’s impeachment so why should she want to hurt him? Her shenanigans like tearing up Trump’s speech and all the name-calling are all for show. She is Trump’s best friend in congress.


Regardless of the veracity of the charges brought (and not brought), Killer Clown was wrongly right that in the hands of the Dem “leadership”, this was a show trail

And the show’s over, folks.

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Pivoting or Pelosi-ing?

And the Democrats want the masses to support them.



Yeah, but after Bloomberg’s guy teaches them how to talk to the public about the economy, everything will be better.

Bloomberg is TrumpBot #2. He is exactly like the guy. That the Democrat Party is actually looking to these people as effective opposition against the R’s is proof positive (if you really needed it) that the party does not exist as anything outside the R party. It’s all smoke and mirrors and that anyone is buying it at all is the most stunning thing of all.

It is bad enough that there is one trump running around. That we’re about to see two, fake battling each other for position and in complete control of the duopoly is truly frightening.


The subtitle quote only needs two more words.

“as designed”.



The effective opposition that Corporate State Democrats along with their DNC INC care about is that against one Bernie Sanders.

They will vote for Trump any day against Sanders. Their power status and billionaire suck up status depend on it.

But if they can get Bloomberg in there…he can beat down those pesky leftists and continue paving the way for them to realize all of the goodies they envy of their GOP cohorts. One of the joys for them would be through Mike to more openly beat up on the poor. Imagine the get tough attitude of Bloomberg cracking down nationwide on potheads, and advancing drug tests for food stamp recipients. He is a right winger through and through.