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After Trump Mocks #MeToo Movement, Warren Declares: "You Don't Scare Us. Women Fight Back."


After Trump Mocks #MeToo Movement, Warren Declares: "You Don't Scare Us. Women Fight Back."

Common Dreams staff

Though she'd already issued one fierce retort for his latest racist and sexist on Thursday night, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wasn't quite finished with her reaction to President Donald Trump for denigrating her Native American heritage while also taking a smug and misogynistic swipe at the #MeToo movement.


I feel so much safer with Warren out there to protect us…not.


prophetic analogies crafted by Monty Python. The wardrobe could come straight out of Trumpś daughter’s production line… Biggus Dickus or no laughing in front of the emperor


So, you support Trump’s misogynous behavior? You think it’s OK to harass or assault women or to demean them? Big Trump supporter are you?


DISTRACTIONS… Michael Cohen has hired Hillary Clinton’s lawyer.
Is this Israel locking in before a twisting of its interests in …?


If Warren can turn this into something positive on election day that would be big.


And then NBC news jumps on Trump’s racist bandwagon questioning Warren’s heritage. What a disgusting network.


Typical remark expected from a Trump supporter…


Warren loves to tout that she’s progressive. So why did she back Hillary and dis Bernie?


Have you seen Warren at any Protests? Has she stood on the front lines and got arrested? Nope! Shes a big talker and never finishes anything she brings up, while she lets all of the women activists do the work.


Elizabeth Warren is my senator. She is respected from source to the sea in the happy Connecticut river valley. My impression is the entire north eastern part of the country backs her attempt to have children kidnapped by the US returned to their parents. Even if those children have already been sold.


Gosh. It almost appears as if Mr. Trump wants to lose about half of his voters in November. Going through most women’s minds by now is surely the thought, “Anybody but Trump.” Or does he think it might be within his means before November to reverse the decision made which declared women to be persons and thus had the right to vote.


Trump, singlehandedly makes the best case to install more women in governing positions.


Don’t waste your time replying to these trolls. No matter what you say or how you say it, that’s what they thrive on. Just ignore them.


Maybe Bernie or Jesse Ventura can handle Trump in a debate. Not sure if Liz can though.


With one hand tied behind his back, Ventura would bounce Trump out of the ring in a debate.


She needs the party apparatus to further her cause. While she bides her time, she is not yet ready to fully call out the corporate Democratic Party. She is not as progressive as we would like, yet she is not as corporate-friendly as many would like to believe. How many other congressional representatives have consistently called out the banking industry for their corruption and their illegal maneuvers ? Her push to reign in banking industry abuses with the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was the only noteworthy achievement of the Obama administration, in my view. I will support her with time and donations should she decide to run in 2020.


You know, don’t you, that Dan_Harris is not a supporter of Trump, right?

So you are saying that someone critiquing Warren from the Left is the same thing as a Trump supporter?

But you do fail to respond to the point. How does Warren’s self righteous complaining about Trump actually do anything to protect us?

Us could mean us in the world. How does it protect the victims of Imperialism in Gaza, Syria, Afganistan, Libya, Yemen, Central America and potentionally Iran or Veneuzuela?

Us could mean us USAians. How does it protect those going bankrupt paying medical bills? How does it protect the large numbers of Black men in prison? How does it protect the undocumented residents in threat of being deported?

Us could mean us American Women. How does it protect us from a rape culture? How does it protect us from a justice system that lets rapists off with a few months incarceration and sends minority mothers to prison for years for drugs that are legal in other states?

I once thought Warren was a hero. But she isn’t. She’s just another shallow Democrat playing the Us vs. Them game and taking the easy shots at Trump.

I’ll respect her when she votes against the budget unless there’s major cuts to the Pentagon. I’ll respect her when she actually does an old fashioned filibuster to stop Trump’s next SCOTUS appointment unless for some strange reason Trump doesn’t choose another Scalia type.

I’ll respect her when she actually condemns Israel for killing babies because they are dancing too close to the wall in Gaza.

But I don’t expect she’ll ever do any of that.

But go ahead and celebrate her that ‘she persists’ because she joins the chorus of the Center in their phony resistance.


Are you a sock puppet that joined just five hours ago to repeat the same line?

Or if you are really a new poster, it might behoove you to click on the poster’s name and review their previous posts before you assume they must be a Trump supporter if they critique a Democrat.

If you’d done that you’d have realized that Dan_Harris is not a Trump supporter but a person of the Left who rejects the Duopoly.

Oh well.


Oh, please. She doesn’t want to reign in the banks. She wanted to put a few regs in place so they’d be a little less predatory in their constant rape of the working class of this country.

She is a full throated advocate of the American Imperial Project and a Capitalist, just a ‘kinder, gentler, machine gun hand’ Capitalist.

Want to reign in the banks?

Freakin’ nationalize them. Why should a whole group of people, already so elite that if they counted their dollars one by one it would take them centuries to count them, make more money off the US money supply just existing?

But Warren’s solution? A consumer advocacy agency to tell us consumers which ones aren’t as bad as the other ones. ::rolls eyes::