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After Trump National Emergency Declaration, Says Legal Scholar, Initiate Impeachment 'Immediately'

After Trump National Emergency Declaration, Says Legal Scholar, Initiate Impeachment 'Immediately'

Julia Conley, staff writer

While Democrats are preparing to propose a joint resolution challenging President Donald Trump's expected national emergency declaration in order to obtain funding for a border wall, one legal scholar is among those arguing the time has come to pursue a far more direct and effective method of combating


Impeachment should prove to be a great professional mud-wrestling show sponsored by the duopoly. It could entertain and distract for at least a year! What fun!


WHOA, THERE IT IS!! Any day now, this guy’s gonna get kicked out of office!

Wait a minute. I just realized that the vast majority of articles on CD that say Trump’s about to get impeached are from “legal experts” and “constitutional scholars”. There might have been two from actual congressmembers that no one outside of their district has ever heard of before and never will again. And weren’t these experts calling for impeachment before Trump was even inaugurated?

Hmm. . .what if it’s all a charade, the Dems with real congressional power have no intention of ever really holding Trump accountable. That whole Russia thing? They knew that was little more than Hillary being a sore loser. The real plan all along was to collect a bunch of scandals to use as electoral ammunition in 2020.

Not ammunition against Trump, but ammunition against anyone who didn’t vote for Hillary in 2016. They’ve had 4 years to hold Trump responsible for all of his crimes, but instead, they’re gonna wait till the last minute and try to blame people like me for everything because we voted for Bernie in the primary and Jill in the general.

And 2/3 of anti-Trump voters are actually gonne buy that b.s.!


Yep. It’s a big show. Keep in mind, the Dims are always falling all over themselves to help Trump damage the country. This impeachment thing will never actually happen because the oligarchs are very happy with Donald and Nancy driving our nation into the ditch so that they can pick over the corpse. Democracy is just roadkill at this point. For those who let themselves be sucked in to this horror show, you are a big part of the problem.


remember nancy impeachment is not on the table? she back.


Like Russiagate, like the entire Trump presidency itself.


Wow, the anti democrats trolls are out in force today.


Sue the President and the administration, enjoin the Executive Branch on legal or Constitutional grounds, but if Trump is impeached, that would result in a very messy way to Mike Pence the next President, without the benefit of an election.


If impeachment is ignored at this violation of the Constitution, trump and his malignant narcissist extremism/racism will have won.

Impeach him for this and all the other violations of his Oath of Office and Constitution, and so much more, and the idiot cipher of stupidity, Pence as well, who is a moron religious freak puppet - there is not a trace of human empathy or wisdom showing in his face…ever - pence should if possible be taken-down at the same time as the malignant trump…he is likely as much a threat as the orange monster!


I agree but need to comment that the most recent “talks” in Poland are significant in that most of the important people in Europe, including one of the chiefs of the EU boycotted the “big event” which might be indicative that oosa is being devalued in the eyes of many. down the drain we go

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An expensive way to restrain Trump other than by a straightjacket –

but it looks like it needs to be done because this is a Trump/Hitler who thrives
on any kind of attention – including very negative attention.


Can’t imagine that Pence hasn’t been involved in this Mafia run administration
with KKK overtones – and of course the run for the money in Trump Tower building
in Russia. Who knows? Maybe Mueller has been looking at Pence, as well?

Trump/Pence represent the most aggressive of those looking to overturn democracy in US.


Impeach Now! Start the process now! Call your reps and senators and demand a repudiation of the Nazi Rascist and his band of thugs. We the people must respond quickly and loudly all over our country to pressure our elected officials to stop the madness. Peace


Since virtually everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, it seems logical that this man has perjured himself over and over again. When will we see him brought to task for his lies?


The dims of today are just ivory towered weaklings and nerds.


The jabberwocky did gyre and gamble in spades today for his wabes


Here’s to hoping they hurry this date with destiny up so we can move on to other more pressing issues, like how Mike Pence is the next Hitler and how we need to stop Jesus being put on the dollar bill.


Yes, America does have a national emergency, but the real emergency sits in the oval office. Folks: does anyone really believe that Trump gives a damn about what these so-called criminals will do in the U.S. when he is the biggest criminal of all?


End the emergency. Impeach and convict Trump-Pence.


I really think that a firing squad is more appropriate in this case.