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After Trump Retweet, User Changes Name to 'F*** Donald Trump' and Profile Photo to 'Bernie 2020'

After Trump Retweet, User Changes Name to 'F*** Donald Trump' and Profile Photo to 'Bernie 2020'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In the midst of a bizarre Twitter rampage on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump retweeted an account that subsequently changed its username to "Fuck Donald Trump" and replaced its profile photo with a Bernie 2020 logo.

The Twitter user apparently tricked the president into retweeting the post by writing, "My husband a New York City firefighter for 15 years will be voting Trump 2020 all the way!!"

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ad infinitum…

I am sure the new front runner uncle joe will be great for working people. He is now “a total union man”… just got the endorsement from the firefighters union in new york.

i can’t stand this shit anymore … there is no way out of this establishment neo liberal clap trap. I have to leave this country in the near future.

In France they are rioting on may day. The us has been so thoroughly eviscerated of any class consciousness nothing is ever going to change. Things will just keep getting worse for the vast majority or working people.

thank you … rant finished

also posted pretty much the same response on another article about sanders.


Have we become a nation of children playing games while the nation and world is burning. The presidency is a serious position, should be a position of honor and dignity. It has been degraded over time and now we have this. The nation needs to grow up and take on the crucial responsibilities facing us whether with environmental issues and global warming, nuclear proliferation, massive dislocation and homelessness, etc, etc. This is not a time for an amateur and is a time for people to demand good, honorable leadership.


Is this seriously the top page article on CD right now? Sadly this site seems to slide deeper into the abyss every day.


Just for a moment, as they posted their new articles for the day, quickly several others are above this article.

Gee, if we only could have more class-based rioting here in America, it would make living here so much better. I sure hope it comes to my hometown!

you see a better way of getting rid of the establishment im all ears … if not take to the streets