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After Trump’s Jerusalem Move, Media Worry About ‘Violence’, Not Violation of International Law

After Trump’s Jerusalem Move, Media Worry About ‘Violence’, Not Violation of International Law

Adam Johnson

The frame that dominated headlines following Trump’s Jerusalem announcement was not on the meaning of the move, but on vague "fears of violence" from Palestinians and Muslims throughout the Middle East

One other thing that this good article fails to mention, is Trump’s evangelical base love this move because according to their theology ( which for any rational person is impossible to believe!) Jesus will not come back until the capital was moved to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

Zionist/Israeli extremism/terrorism cares not a fig about International Law, UN resolutions or world opinion re their ethnic cleansing and illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories taken by force - their propaganda machine and political subversion has infiltrated many national governments, and none more so than in the US.

Israeli spying on the US, overt political manipulation, and de facto control over the trump WH, all tolerated and supported by elected officials and pushed by wealthy Zionist agents is massive and treasonous. The trump WH serving the interests of a foreign power with actions NOT in our nations interests is treasonous and cause for impeachment and imprisonment!

The fact the lobby for Israel (AIPAC) is openly tolerated and that our government and Congress are willing pawns and lap-dogs for Israeli subversion, racist expansionism, and war crimes is also treasonous!

The manipulation of Congress members and their openly demonstrating first loyalty to a foreign power in many ways and as it affects our foreign policy and war-making IS treason!

The intentional Israeli attack on the defenseless USS Liberty June 8, 1967 that killed or wounded over 200 US sailors has been covered-up and silenced ever since, and THAT utter failure to protect our service members is also treasonous!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tx72tAWVcoM - Documentary film evidence of the INTENTIONAL war-crime attack on the Liberty is a must see! OUR sailors have never gotten the justice or recognition they deserve!

http://www.ussliberty.org/moorerfindings.htm - finding of evidence on the intentional attack by Commission Chaired by Adm. Thomas H. Moorer.

http://www.gtr5.com/ - Liberty crew info site

NEVER FORGET the treason by our own government covering-up the Liberty attack and openly serving the interests and lies of the perpetrators - Israel!

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The media reaction that Adam Johnson describes is the culmination of years of Israel waiting out the non-existent peace process in a land grabbing game of attrition.

As time has gone by, Israel and their client state, the US, have bought out, destabilized, or bombed into irrelevance, most every Arab nation that might have backed Palestine. Outside the Shia Crescent, Palestinians have few dependable friends.

Meanwhile, Israel continues playing the game Ariel Sharon openly advocated for back in 1973:

“Everybody has to move, and grab as many hilltops as they can…Everything we don’t grab will go to them.”