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After Trump Shoots Susan Collins In the Middle of 5th Avenue, She Says She's "Troubled" But Still Supports Him

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/02/12/after-trump-shoots-susan-collins-middle-5th-avenue-she-says-shes-troubled-still


RE: The laugh at the end with the wonderful joke. Maybe Trump will have only winged Collins-------but the nation is already on life support. : (


I needed a laugh, and this delivered.


I love my wonderful home state of Maine. Though filled with beauty, we do have a few detractions, like black flies, ticks, and Susan Collins. I can live with the black flies and ticks.


Interesting election coming up to replace Collins since Maine will have RCV. Looks like there’s a strong Green candidate, Lisa Savage, a retired teacher, a peace activist, single payer supporter.

I see an appealing-looking Betsy Sweet running for the Democrats, but I have no information on whether she’s “tainted” by insurance and pharma monies - and what her Medicare For All position is.

Don’t know who the othes are. Feel free to chime if you have opinions on the race.

My experience in another election where there was only a corporate Dem and Green was that people voted like sheep anyway. Will this be different, however, with RCV? Let’s hope so.

And … we look forward to Maine kicking Collins out - but with an improved representative - and hopefully one who’d sign Bernie’s healthcare bill and be a whole lot better than most on foreign policy.


Ha…Ha… good one Abby!

Since you are from Maine I would like to ask: Is she returned to office because she’s the only one your state party “allows” to be on the ballot? Or have you had challenges to her over the years? Our Patty Murray (WA) has been around for decades–no one has ever primaried her. Her mediocrity and lack of courage are astonishing, and she has risen to a prominence in the Dem party, principally as a functionary and place holder for those who supposedly do the thinking. Gutless wonder, otherwise. Of course the R’s in this state always put up a dangerous moron to run against her (what else have they got?)–w/ the result that incompetent Patty is returned to the senate time after time. Holy crap, that is frustrating.


Sounds like a frustrating scenario you describe. Collins has had challengers in the past, but she has been able to develop an undeserved reputation as a “moderate” Republican. That, of course, is bullshit. She has voted with republicans over 90% of the time, probably more like 95%, and has been an enabler of the Bush crime family, as well as Trump. Maine is divided into two congressional districts and the 2nd (northern) district is rural and more inclined towards conservatism, which has benefited her. We have a corporate democrat and a Justice Democrat running against her, but unseating her will be a challenge, as turtle boy McConnell is making sure they spend a fortune for her re-election. I have my fingers crossed that she loses, so I don’t have to look at her potato-nosed face and listen to her talk like she has a mouth full of olives anymore. Thanks for asking.

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, Trump only winged her - and said she hopes Trump will learn a lesson from this. Yea perhaps time for some target practice. Or maybe a drone strike?

Consider yourself lucky. The village idiot who represents my House district, Mo(ron) Brooks, will apparently be running in the 2020 general sans a Democratic opponent.

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If the people of Maine reelect her then they deserve her. The problem is that the rest of the nation will suffer for her voting record. I couldn’t believe her squirming under the reason for her non decision.

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Let’s not forget that Mainers once elected the foul Paul Lepage as their governor.

There’s a large proportion of ignorant and gullible people in that wonderful state quite willing to be netted up like so many ghost eels, then sold out.

“She’s a caricature of something,” muses one, “but I’m not sure what.”

To me, she often sounds like a Saturday Night Live caricature of herself…