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After Trump Sides With Sinclair, Local Newsroom Staff Speak Out Against Right-Wing Broadcaster


After Trump Sides With Sinclair, Local Newsroom Staff Speak Out Against Right-Wing Broadcaster

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Some local broadcast news anchors at stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group are speaking out against the company and President Donald Trump after he defended the right-wing broadcaster, which has come under fire following a viral video that showed how anchors across the country were forced to deliver a scripted statement condemning "fake" news stories "in a distinctly Trumpian fashion."


Let’s be clear, we have a president attacking a private company, Amazon, because Bezos owns the Washington Post, which has been at the forefront of reporting the graft the man and his cabinet have brought to Washington. We have a president praising a private news company, Sinclair, because it backs him. He also attacks other companies until they give him something he wants, then he backs down. He’s trying to do that with public institutions as well, like the FBI.

This is third world dictator type stuff that shouldn’t be ignored. In this respect, Sinclair, which is looking to become even bigger, is the paradigm company for Trump, one that seeks to propagate and curry favor with him and entwines it’s employees and the public in its efforts.


I think those who have put Trump in power are in favor of the downfall of the United States. He is a divider not a unifier. “A house divided against itself cannot stand” - Abraham Lincoln.


That includes his “progressive” defenders.


I don’t know how anyone can defend him. The United States needs reformation badly and not the type the Trump is brining about. We need reformation from him and the neo-liberal revolution of the last 35 years.


The Fourth Reich now has it’s Goebbels, PROPAGANDA, news network; SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP!


Will ya take “aganda” at how this admin “props” itself up…Fake Prez w/fake “propaganda”.


You haven’t been reading these threads enough then. And “progressives” that voted third party in swing states helped defeat the neoliberals (whatever that means anymore). They helped elect a hard right conservative grifter and conman stacking the courts with people like himself. They should be celebrating. Actually, some did after the election right here.


Your endless spin blaming a tiny, almost non-existent sliver of fake progressives for Trump, is despicable.

The actual major actors behind the Trump ascendancy are nowhere to be found in your endless stream of bullshit.

Keep your eyes off the prize, KC. Keep spinning, endlessly.


Uh, I watched in real time “progressives” push absolute nonsense in 2016. I watched them celebrate right here the victory of a conman and charlatan. Embrace the win—you earned it.


You are simply despicable. Everything i wrote about you is true. You have nothing real or useful to offer anyone.

Keep hammering away at your broken drum. Hey, here’s another chance. Bang your drum again:


Would you like me to post some threads? You know I’m right, but just can’t deal with it. A lot of progressives are waking up to the reality they were warned about.


There is a distinct difference between a Trump defender/ supporter and a person who voted third party, unless of course that latter person is also defending the imbecile!


And that’s my point: too many progressives fooled themselves into believing an obvious conman was better on “banks,” “healthcare,” and “trade.” They also thought their vote was some sanctimonious exercise of true progressivism. We showed those neoliberals!


No the corrupted dnc helped elected Trump. Why in the hell would they put forth such a flawed candidate some deserved and some not. Dems had seen ir for 30 years but put her up anyway to win in the primaries which were corrupted by dem elites.


However flawed HRC was—and we all agree she was—she beat Bernie by 4 million votes. Bernie had flaws too, but we never ever discuss those here. She even got more votes than Obama.

Trump won because white people that liked his racial sentiments came out for him. I keep hearing around here progressive stories about voters wanting what we want, that non-voters were secret progressives, or some such drivel. The non-voters that did come out, especially in rural areas, came out to stop illegal immigration, end “free stuff” for non-whites, and to put a white guy in charge. After eight years of a black president, they were ready to get theirs.


So, she says she got more votes than Obama. She meant in a primary! An important distinction.

Trump won because the black vote stayed home in the general election, realizing that in their early primaries they were duped into supporting HRC based on some revisionist history story telling. That there was a change of heart was due to many factors, but ultimately HRC offered too little to get folks to the polls.

The blame for Trump lies with the Democrats so called Super Delegates who were given the polls showing HRC losing, but Sanders winning by 10+ % against Trump, which was supposed to embolden them to ditch Clinton in order to win the White House.

Had it been between Trump and Sanders, the world would he in a far better place right now.


The super delegates saw real votes, not polls, and voted accordingly. The will of voters has never been overturned by super delegates (except maybe in the case of Mondale-Hart by a stretch). It is ironic that progressives are actually arguing votes don’t matter, polls do.

As for HRC, she did not get as many votes as Obama in the presidential election—sloppy writing on my part. She did not get as much of the black vote as Obama (though did very well), but more voters went Green in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan than Obama’s elections too. That does not mean every one of those voters would have gone Democrat of course if Stein wasn’t in the race, but claims that non-voters would go progressive fit that same bill too. The non-voters that did come out, particularly in rural areas, went for Trump, especially in Pennsylvania. They were activated by racial sentiments, not progressive populism. 538 covered this well.