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After Trump 'Treason' Talk, Sanders Says 'Grassroots Activism' Key to Defeating 'Authoritarianism'

After Trump 'Treason' Talk, Sanders Says 'Grassroots Activism' Key to Defeating 'Authoritarianism'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Reacting to President Donald Trump's dictator-like insistence that Democrats who didn't applaud during his State of the Union address are "treasonous" and "un-American," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) argued in a video on Tuesday that Trump's remarks and behavior demonstrate that the "great political issue now facing our country" is "democracy versus authoritarianism."


From the article:

…the “great political issue now facing our country” is “democracy versus authoritarianism.”

Yes. And the political spectrum isn’t left to right, but top to bottom.


bless you Bernie! american democracy at its best.


Once again we a have a lone voice in the wilderness speaking truth to power. Where are the others? Those that swore to uphold the Constitution. The answer, I fear, is money. They fear of loosing their money support. They have been sold and bought by those with money. The Supreme Court should feel great shame in what they have done, fore it is they that are guilty of turning our democratic republic into an insane asylum smothered in little pieces of green paper.


I took the “treasonous” comment as Trump saying “Oh yeah, well if you don’t do what I want, I am going to hold my breath!”. Wish he would.

the “great political issue now facing our country” is “democracy versus authoritarianism.”

I am very glad to here Bernie Sanders say that. From reading about his recent statement you would think that the great political issue now is healthcare coverage. Maybe Schumer and some other of his Senate colleagues suggested that be make a bolder statement about the threat of authoritariansm. While a lot of Democrats have been saying that many of the more progressive voters don’t listen to them but they do listen to Sanders. So when Sanders says it he reaches a lot of people on the left side of the political spectrum that otherwise would not be hearing that message from a politician. We need grassroots activism and it must translate into votes against Republicans to be effective. Election losses is a message that Republicans will hear. They only thing the care about is winning. They’ll sell out the country and destroy the environment to get elected. They are now reaching for votes from the most extreme members of the country on the right, many of whom preach violence. They are probably getting many votes from people who probably spend much of their time cleaning their guns and rarely if ever voted until Trump came along with his Mussolini type of rallies to run for president (perhaps actually dictator).

Here is the key to Grassroots Activism Bernie:


If Democracy is yet to be found in America, it is shivering and hungry and cold and indeed in the grassroots. There they are; Those who pray that their motherland in her mercy will return them to herself and treated as the family they are.

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A sweet voice and songs for you on a cold evening…The sun is settin fast - say goodbye to empathy, wisdom, honor and common decency, among much else…beauty and truth in song from one of my very favorites.


just tell him obama held his for 10 minutes

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Yes! I want Bernie for president and Liz Warren for VP in 2020. I will do anything to kick these evil lying treasonous, seditious republicans out of office! They make me sick! They are deliberatly doing everything that they can to destroy our democratic republic and turn it into a theocratic, oliogharchic, fascist, totalitarian dictatorship run by the Koch brothers and their ilk. Read Democracy in Chains! We cannot ever let these evil men destroy our country and government any more. They are trying a bloodless coup, and if this fails they will try to create a civil war. They want the South to rise again and force the Confederacy upon all of us forever. We need to deport them all to Russia where they can live with their pal Putin. That way we will all be happier. Trump needs to find out for once that he is not above the law and spend the rest of his life in a straightjacket in a locked mental facility where he belongs! I am so angry that I am amazed that I don’t explode! If we fail. I’m leaving. I am totally fed up with republicans and the people who dare to vote for the scum.

Can we ever debunk this claim. The evidence simply isn’t there. There are years of voting records by politicians that refute this. If the corporate oligarchs actually controlled both parties as you claim why is one party denying climate change while the other party is fighting climate change. That suggests either these so-called oligarchs are schizoid or they don’t control both parties. If people give politics some thought they should realize that your claim is bogus.

That both parties are dominated by corporate interests. seems pretty apparent. That does not translate to “both parties are equal” or they are just a duopoly. Corporate interests are not some singular unconfliccted entity, but we can’t pretend they don’t exist. Some posters here talk of a “duopoly” like it’s the illuminati.


If only Bernie was as smart as you are.

Amen. And not all corporate interests are aligned perfectly either. I work in the environmental sector. There are plenty of profitable companies doing large scale mitigation projects, replantings, and operating preserves and/or banks. Whatever their faults, they are part of the panoply of ways we adhere to NEPA etc. What coal companies want is not in their interests at all.


The DNC and Hillary were looking for the grassroots in all the wrong places.
They were looking in the offices of Goldman Sachs, all over Wall Street, in the prisons, and Saudi Arabia.
They won’t find them anywhere around there.
Will not someone here show them where to look for the grassroots?
Maybe someone is hiding the grassroots from the DNC and Hillary. Like Bernie, maybe.
Someone should check his pockets.
Because I know there are grassroots out there, somewhere, right?

I agree, because in my opinion, Bernie is just an useful tool of the Democratic party, elites to fool so many politically, well meaning, but albeit naive people.

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Please consider the possibility that the two allowed parties are controlled by oligarchs whose interests sometimes differ.

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A student came to me worried one day. She said she had heard that all of the world was controlled by just a few people. Is it true, she said?
Oh, I replied. You mean the Illuminati! Yeah, that’s what people say. But don’t worry. It can’t last long. If there is any number of people more than one, they will fight with each other, and all of their power will crumble.

So. Is that more like it?Meanwhile, back at the ranch. We get to be their foot soldiers in their struggles. I still don’t like it.

“I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore”
—Phil Ochs

I highly recommend Carl Oglesby’s “The Yankee and Cowboy War,” which examines in detail how the fault lines between different elements of the US’s permanent government sometimes alter the course of history.