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After Trump Was Allowed to Let Lobbyist Run Interior Dept., Manchin Called to 'Do What's Right' and Confirm Haaland

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2021/02/23/after-trump-was-allowed-let-lobbyist-run-interior-dept-manchin-called-do-whats-right


So, the Dem ‘leadership’ have been reduced to begging Manchin to pretend he is a human being, on EVERY issue going forward


Senator Manchin, the people of your state of West Virginia will have a much better chance of being better off with Deb Haaland as Interior Secrecctary.

Maybe your corporate buds won’t like it, but West Virginians will. They’ll be able to drink clean water, breath clean air, and have shots at decent jobs now that most of the coal mining jobs are gone, gone, gone!


manchin should just go over to the republithugs and be done with calling himself a “democrat” has never fought for the people of his state in any way shape or form and he is nothing but a slimebag and a spokesperson for the corporate shitheads in this nation. ugly!


Deb Haaland is the one bright spot in the same ol’ neo-liberal, right centrist, policy of the democrats. A real Native American from my state of New Mexico. She does “get it”. Whether she can buck the big monied interests of the energy giants driving us towards extinction, is another matter. Trump’s cabinet of goons treated Earth as a thing with unimaginable wealth just ready for plunder and profits. This has to stop! It won’t, but Haaland makes a very good choice for Secretary of the Interior, all the same. Just stopping some of the massive destruction may buy a few more years for humankind to have a somewhat decent living.

Do think hard though before bringing more children onto a planet that’s deteriorating quickly.


could not agree with you more especially the last thought!


Manchin needs some new nicknames, since we’re gonna be reading his every day for the next 4 years.

“The Human Brake Drum”?

“The “Liberal” Leslie Gore”? (this might be one step of connection too far, but it’s one of my favorites)

“Manch(ur)i(a)n Candidate”?

Seriously, this guy’s going to go down as either the best “bad cop” of all time, or the biggest supervillain in the DNC Universe since Strom Thurmond’s relative youth.


McConnell has abdicated the title “Arch-villain of American congressional politics.”

It appears Manchin just got promoted…


My impression of Haaland is good and that she is in the top 10% of Biden appointments. But I have heard progressive criticism of her (I have look for links - I feel like it might have been in Counterspin). Have you heard anything bad about her? If so, is it all very insignificant in the scheme of things?

I’m usually one who hates identity politics (cough, Tanden) but even I can see the significance of heading Interior with a Native American (male or female).


This is Turtle Island and the homeland of the First Nations. These corporate representatives are fearful of the fact that Deb Haaland is indigenous as so many of the refugees/migrants South of the border are too. Nope, can’t remind them of that and just how much the “uninvited” have despoiled this land and all for wealth accumulation. The values of Haaland and the First Nations are in contradistinction to that of those who oppose her.


And this is how far we have fallen. Haaland, a moderate on her best day, is being painted as some evil re-incarnation of Abby Hoffman, and that’s by some democrats.
Progressive change is now looked upon by both parties as repugnant.


I wish, pray and do everything to my power to see this awesome woman get confirmed for the post of US Secretary of Interior. She is more than qualified, she is needed at a time like this.


He should be full-court-press primaried.

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i’d think “The Manchin Candidate” would be fairly easily decoded by anyone old enough to remember the book or even the film.


Hi politicscorner:

I remember reading about West Virginia, a state where cop companies seemed to have more rights than the citizens. The coal companies would just decide o blow up things that got in the way----they especially seemed to like blowing up hillside —with graveyards on them. : (


I’d like to agree. But it always seems like every time I’m fixing to give Americans credit for stuff…:))

Usually I just call him McManchin.


I lived in what was once beautiful WV for a few years. It is a place full of dichotomies. I enjoyed the people and their hardiness and closeness to nature. Of course there were plenty of stupid people but I’ve met plenty of them in San Diego and just about anywhere. As far as the POlice, I lived in Philadelphia where they burned down city blocks and acted like mafia. I do not think that I had any contact with the POlice in WV.
I think that the poverty of the backcountry gives the entire state a bad reputation.

the Democrats are fine with corporate stooges being in charge–I am amazed they nominated a moderate –

Excellent point ! No doubt the fossil fuel industries, senators will do everything they can do to see that Deb Haaland is not confirmed.

BigB, That is nothing new, it has always been that way,the only difference is the Democrats continue to fool so many people that progressive agendas are not repugnant to them by using sheepdogs like Bernie.