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After Trump


Hi DHFabian,
I am wondering if anyone has done a study Re: the number of people who died after the crash of 1929, the the dust bowl and the depression, and with the huge amount of homelessness that occurred. I’m not sure I agree that only difference between Reagan and now is that the middle class is effected. I think it’s way worse. How can people go into debt for college and then have no livable wage from a job when they graduate ? How can business think they will survive in the long run if they don’t offer livable wages? What can people afford to buy? What will happen to grandparents who are the baby boomers----where many can’t afford to live now. Just the lack of growth on minimum wages is shocking as the rents go higher and higher. It seems worse than the 1930s as several generations are all being squeezed at the same time----retired income can’t keep up, and new worker wages can’t keep up---------generations of awfulness seem to await. : (


I don’t know where one would find statistics regarding that. There are
“Potters Fields” throughout the country, and records about such things
as “cause of death” either weren’t kept well, or are missing
altogether. Parents and grandparents were squeezed at the same time
during the Great Depression, and it was common for three generations
of a family to live together. On the broader impact of today’s
economy: US corporations have gone international, and are no longer
dependent on US workers or consumers. Those in desperate need of jobs
can’t be particular about wages, since there is nothing to fall back
on today. This is how the “corporate state” has us by the throat. Only
some 11% of US workers still belong to unions, and there’s nothing to
fall back on today. That said, I’m a Boomer grandparent, and have
bottom-level Social Security/no additional income. It’s a modest
income, but but far above our former “overly generous” welfare aid.
One makes adjustments. Finding affordable rent is hard for all
low-income people, and subsidized apartments for seniors and the
disabled are in short supply. Either way, I’m far more concerned about
young families with children.


Hi DHFabian… ohh it seems like I was in error----the generations do seem to be connected in as bad a way as the Depression ones. : ( I am wondering why he Dems called the 2008 debacle “The Great Recession.” as it really seems like it should have been called the GREAT Depression REDUX. : (


Well, one positive result is that America’s credibility around the world has all but evaporated.
This means, among other things, that the endless CIA/NED/USAID/SOAM coups and false flag operations around the world are more likely to backfire as many people no longer reflexively believe the official narrative.
Credit where it is due i suppose.


Say WHAT Lrx? : )

But, but , when the Washington Post really was a newspaper with journalists----Nixon was taken down by the news, and I think we still had news then. Things were beginning to go bad with Clinton, and by the time Bushie 2 showed up---------------the 21st century dawned and the angels sang, “Let there be BLIGHT!” so no I don’t agree with your premise. : )

Don’t forget too , we had the Haliburton guy who was lying and buying and making a lot of money, plus working as the actual president as opposed to the one some people voted for…Bush should not have been prez, but the Supremes had already sold our asses with nary a backward glance. Twitter is perfect for the Donald though—short bits for nitwits----- as America slides into the miasma of its own making. : ). There are just as many liars in D.C. but with Twitter and the internet-----so many more choices out there— this make it difficult to follow any thread of logic : ( And the journalists have failed us…and the Free Press is not free-----and how amazing too---- that even though Joe McCarthy died a long while ago-----accusations seem to rule so much of the day-----------smarten up America, we do get the government we deserve----------OMG for us. : 0


Believe it or not, I’m still not sure Bernie sold out because he wanted to be a sheepdog. I have plenty of complaints about him, but right now I’m interpreting his selling out as a disgusting but pragmatic choice (in his mind) for the LOTE.


Excellent comment! Thank YOU!


Good article. I sent it to some friends.
Tweak: “…predicting the onset of fascism.” Nay, I think it is here, thriving, and morphing into Nazism (ICE’s behaviors make one example). Maybe over-simplified but I think it makes sense, Rense’s The 14 Characteristics of Fascism.
Tweak: “…the antipathy verging on hatred he elicits in others…” From what I see and hear, there’s very little verging on hatred. People with half a brain hate, loathe, and despise him…in America AND abroad.


(QH, welcome aboard. I appreciate all your posts. Excellent information and observations and good grammar. :heart:️:+1:t3:)