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After Trumpcare Vote, GOP Lawmakers to Face Enraged Voters During 'Payback Recess'


After Trumpcare Vote, GOP Lawmakers to Face Enraged Voters During 'Payback Recess'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Enraged voters are eager to confront Republican lawmakers who voted Thursday to take away their healthcare, planning a mass show of resistance to Trumpcare at upcoming town hall meetings in home districts during what one group is calling "Payback Recess."


Lies, theft and MASS MURDER.

No mafia has ever killed so many.

The Grotesque Old Psychopaths are a death cult.


They need to show up with barrels of tar and bags of feathers. Up next, more General Strikes, then total, Gandhian non cooperation.


"moral monstrosity" is an apt rubric for most of tptb's decisions and actions, both domestic and abroad.


Hopefully, Americans have been too fair, by these evil, two faced, devious, low life slime balls...and will all be voted out of office!
And hopefully, some of forrest trumps sheep, will start to realize he is not their savior!


We have to keep up the pressure. Do not let anything that happens to this disaster in the Senate distract from what these motherless POS did.


They can run, they can hide, but the voters will get their due


Well, we'll see, but I believe the GOP has so effectively gerrymandered its congressional voting districts state by state that even a predatory healthcare bill might not even be enough to overturn its artificially constructed majorities of true believers no matter how much that bill preys upon the majority of those voters. The last election saw House GOP candidates outvoted nationally by what, 1 or 2 million, something like that, and yet more of them went to the House than did Democrats.


In Late Capitalism USA November 2016, more than a few otherwise, seemingly sensible citizens & hopeful critics of the corrupt & inhumane political economy that rules here, were waiting for,and variously, loudly predicting, a sufficient mass of "angry voters" to finally put things aright, or at least Begin such a process....
But now, it's May 2017, and despite the fact that we just had that highly-publicized, so-called-democratic national political election -- by which The System was supposed to become capable of direly-needed structural reforms -- the situation cum System has, predictably,now only gotten worse.
IMO, nothing much will -- or can --change for the better until there is a much wider & more honest public discussion of the fact that The USA System, as it is, has become structurally/profoundly anti- democratic, and is effectively controlled by illicitly-privileged & increasingly-sociopathic, non-accountable Insiders, even to the point of ultimately selecting & controlling its most visible, seeming critics.,
Progressive-minded USA'ans would do well to study, at minimum, the history and political dynamics of the populist -driven transformation of the mixed-economy-social-democracies of present day Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, away from their earlier oligarchical/faux- capitalist/faux-democratic structures, to what these countries are today -- halfway- reasonably-functioning, humanely-Just, and acceptably-real, democratically-governed nations & cultures.
They're hardly perfect polities ,even today, but they're at least much more happy, and a hell of lot less full of mass historical unconsciousness and philosophical lies than much of the rest of W. Europe and the USA.


sometimes I don't want to like a post as much as I just want to agree with whats being stated. the republicians have so gerrymandered districtst I don't know if we can ever win against them. now with the majority on the supreme court...i'm losing hope. maybe even roe vs. wade will fall. tell me i'm wrong


I'm not sure who this 'we' is you are mentioning, ezpecially in light of the article that seems to envision electing Democrats as the only alternative. We need something a lot better than that to save ourselves.


These voters voted in Republicans. Those Republicans are often in gerrymandered districts and get extra money from the health care cartel who know their system will be shut down if compared to other nations who provide health care to all their citizens. Decades of propaganda have done the job of destroying an educated committed democracy. Not only does the Grand Old Patriarchy have all the power, they have the assent of many living in red states where the old, poor, sick live on medicaid if they are lucky except the GOP just destroyed medicaid. The House voted without reading the bill or knowing anything about it. Trump sent his bus to bring them to the White House for beers and cheers. As Trump said he could kill someone and no one would notice or care. They just killed millions and got a similar result.


The court case is winding through the court system about Gerrymandering. If it is allowed to continue the Republicans have the next Presidency. If its stopped then the Democrats have a chance.


I do not understand why everyone talks about Trumpcare, where a much better term would be Trumpdon't care front Republican lawmakers who voted Thursday to take away their healthcare, planning a mass show of resistance to Trumpcare at upcoming town hall meetings in home districts during what one group is calling "Payback Recess."



What do these Republicans know that the rest of us don't? Surely they're aware of the backlash they face, yet they don't seem to care. Is the fix in for rigged voting in 2018?


It is impossible to privatize a monopoly. It isn't just illogical it is literally childish and pure Disneyland fantasy.


Amen brother. Something a lot better than the Democrats. But where oh where?...


Thanks, but let's make that 'sister.'


My rep, Mac Thornberry, is too chickenshit (pardon my Texas French) to have a town hall.


Starting to look more like Nazism all the time. Could gas chambers instead of healthcare be next? What about, "Preparing the greatest army the world has ever seen."? But as sure as the God I know resides in love and compassion, this heartless gang is as doomed as that one was.