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After Trump's Former FDA Chief Quietly Joins Pfizer Board, Warren Calls for Resignation 'Immediately'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/01/after-trumps-former-fda-chief-quietly-joins-pfizer-board-warren-calls-resignation


It is my sincere belief that Sen. Warren would have written this letter even in the absence of a presidential campaign. She has proven integrity and has a monopoly (pun intended) as my second-place candidate at this time. Go Liz! Give them Hell!


Where do these guys dump their used consciences?


Thanks Liz, go girl!!


It’s what is called, “The American Way”.


I used to do some biostatistical consulting work designing experiments and analyzing data for small companies trying to get their new treatments approved by the FDA. There are a couple of stages in this development work where you need to go to the FDA headquarters and meet with them to get input on your project plan. When I attended those meetings, I found it interesting to watch the people hanging around the headquarters early in the morning waiting for the FDA to post their schedule of meetings for the day. Then - the instant it was posted - they would make stock market bets based on that schedule. Nowadays, stock speculators use software to do the same thing - but my point is that there are just tons of opportunities for financial gain based on even the smallest bit of knowledge about what the FDA is doing. Having Scott Gottleib on their board multiplies those opportunities several orders of magnitude for Pfizer - the possibilities for corruption are just endless. How many times will he have lunch with former employees at the FDA? Which chemists, statisticians and administrators will he tell Pfizer to avoid at the FDA because he knows they ask tougher questions?
… pretty disgusting


Are you sure those consciences have ever been used?


this is pretty disingenuous campaigning from Warren here, even though I’m all for breaking that revolving door thingee.

This has been a bipartisan hobby for more years than most of us have been alive.

Warren’s just grandstanding.


Thank you for whistling past the blow. There are so many aspects of ‘feet on the ground’ observations that are gagged and bound for the sake of illicit manipulation of advantage, the squelching of truth and suppression of precisely the creativity necessary for what is commonly regarded as ‘evolution’ out of the quicksand of this stage of western ‘civil-i-zation’.

Try this on for size:

civilization (n.)

1704, in a now-obsolete sense “law which makes a criminal process civil,” from civil + -ization.


Author sez:
“After leaving the government, (Gottleib) took a job with right-wing think tank The American Enterprise Institute. The move to Pfizer, however, came later …”

I’ve often wondered what manner of “thinking” actually takes place in these tanks. In Gottleib’s case it appears to have been, “I think I’ll cash in on my ‘public service’.”


Pigs at the trough! Our world will not survive with such political corruption, greed and obscene self-interest.What we need are some heads on pikes to make example of the worst swine!

The time of violent revolution is being built - the fire stoked - by the 1% and their scum lackeys, as the people and planet suffer to extinction and death from their utter contempt for anything but that vulture capitalist “development” myth and profits above all else - depraved worship of Mammon - Devil take the hindmost!

The books by David Cay Johnston reveal the depths of the crime and enormity of the conspiracy by wealth and influence to control government to be Of the rich, By the rich and FOR the rich, and thus control our very lives!

Free Lunch and Perfectly Legal among other works by Johnston detail the enormity of the crimes!


More of the same Blatant Corruption. These Crooks jump from The White House to Corporate Board positions like Cockroaches… and Roaches can fly just like Pigs.


Why this and now? Why not fight this fight 4 years ago? Or 2, or from the beginning of her term. She is doing what she thinks will get her the votes. Her statement after announcing her run sealed my no vote for her," I will not take big donor money till I get the nomination, then I will take it from ANYONE". She will bought and paid for like them all. Sanders 2020!


I agree. And ever since Warren backed the Wall Street Walker over Bernie in 2016, I have never trusted her.


Heritage Foundation has what they call: A toxic waste disposal program for that. So far they won’t say exactly what happens after that

They learned early on that having a conscience is of no use to them, and thus never developed one.

Are we surprised if campaign and normal angst overlap? After all it’s once again the beginning of “Silly Season.”

The swamp:


Correction: A Raytheon Lobbyist runs DOD. The Boeing Lobbyist got sacked before he was confirmed … not to say any change took place just name plate on door.


We need to make “cross-pollination” between industry and Congress and the agencies that regulate the industries outright illegal - permanently. That’s right, if you worked for or in government at any level, you can NEVER go to work for the industry(s) you regulated and vice-versa. Thank you for your service, now go get a REAL job. This is a highly needed reform, along with taking ALL big money out of politics. Business should NEVER have a say in government, only be acted on by government. Only actual living, breathing citizen human beings of age should ever be able to participate in government, and then at a very restricted financial level - like low three figures per election/candidate/issue. About 98% of voters never give to a political campaign, so we can realize the out-sized influence the large donors who do have on the system. It has to end or We The People will never get control of our government.

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