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After Trump's Latest Racist, Sexist "Pocahontas" Rant, Warren Hits Back: "Your Admin Is Conducting DNA Tests on Little Kids Because You Ripped Them From Their Mamas"


After Trump's Latest Racist, Sexist "Pocahontas" Rant, Warren Hits Back: "Your Admin Is Conducting DNA Tests on Little Kids Because You Ripped Them From Their Mamas"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After President Donald Trump launched into yet another unhinged attack on Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) during a rally in Montana Thursday night and repeatedly deployed the racial slur "Pocahontas" to smear the senator's heritage, Warren kept the focus on Trump's inhumane immigration policies in a brief response on Twitter, recommending that the president "should focus on fixing the lives [he's] destroying."


Over-the-top corruption and cronyism, as well as overt racism against numerous groups, and support for white supremacist groups, runs deep in the trump regime. Clearly the most odious regime in US history, all taken with all, with depraved indifference for the lives of millions of citizens and non-citizens! All amount to crimes against humanity, much in the Israeli model that has subverted so much of US policy…

The trump regime has hired ex-employees of for-profit private entities that make money from the suffering of immigrant families…follow the money…and depravity!

An example of the evasive BS and utter lies inherent in the trump WH is this gem - “Pursuant to the Ethics Pledge restrictions on incoming lobbyists, as well as the Standards of Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, no DHS employee has any conflicts of interest. All of them serve, and will continue to serve, DHS and the American people with honor and integrity.”

“Private businesses have long taken advantage of the steady growth of security policies aimed at tracking, detaining, and deporting people from the country. They saw a windfall in the Trump era.”


Trump v. Warren:
Wearing red–crass. “I love the poorly educated.”
Wearing blue–class. “I am an educator.”


How many times do I have to say it? “We are totally fucked”.


nazi trump FUCK OFF!


Not to wish Trump any harm, but if he sat on a rusty nail and poked his brain out, I’d roll on the floor laughing.


Admit it everybody.

This 4 Year Old “needs” an Ass Whooping.


Just when I think I’ve seen the very lowest this slimy fascist piece of whale shit can go, I am proven wrong. What an absolutely abominable human being (and I use the term “human being” loosely). What a disgusting, vile, reprehensible, immature, pathetic, childish, walking dung-heap this fucker is. What shocks me more is how he has a 45% approval rating among Americans. Almost HALF of this country thinks he is A-OK. That is a more damning indictment of this nation’s dumbass, hateful, moronic people than anything else. When almost HALF of this nation looks at this repugnant toad and thinks “meh, not bad,” it’s time to start thinking about giving up on any kind of bright future for this country. If THIS piece of vulgar shit is what passes for acceptable for half this country, perhaps the U.S. doesn’t deserve to be pulled back from the brink of fascism and tyranny. Perhaps it deserves every horrific, vile, and dark evil that is coming down the pike. Yes, I feel bad for the other 55% - but at some point the sheer weight of the numbers that support authoritarianism and pure evil have to count for something.


I am not sympathetic to Warren: she never should have lied about Native American bloodline.She is correct in her reply.

The Klown King and his posse of deplorables never had any intention of returning the children to their parents as they don’t care about children or families, aside from their own and DT seems to have forgotten he has a family that is never on display (Melania doesn’t count, Ivanka does). DT has gone after medicaid which helps the poor and children. DeVos is gutting public education,more children under attack. Planned Parenthood is a fav obsession for DT, more children under attack. Pruitt has gutted the EPA which effects all children and adults: toxic water, toxic air, etc.

He made it clear he wanted his wall and going after immigants/asylum seekers was his intent to get it:blackmail, kidnapping and concentration camps. There was never any intention of re-uniting the family’s (even if he got his wall) only deportation, child trafficking, etc. It’s the Amercan way and history has proven that out over and over and over. Remember what was done to the American Indian children: taken, put into white homes, re-educated, abused, tortured, starved, made to forget their heritage. It’s. The. American. Way. MAGA!!!


Put this Boxing match on PPV. I will be happy to pay the price. Outcome will be a lose, lose draw, and hopefully 2 broken jaws.


A debate between Warren and Twitler? I’d buy tickets to that—in the unlikely event his ignorance and arrogance somehow moved him to actually take her on.


Good rant! That he is really simply acting like any of a possible majority of USAns - including the people I must get along with in my Appalacian-rust-belt workplace (one of which keeps a portrait of Trump on his office door - and right-wing radio ranters playing all day in many other offices - and this is a federal govt. workplace), is the worst thing about this. If I were even 10 years younger I would be out of this country, forever, so fast it ain’t funny.


I think E. Warrens civility is of note. She did not call him a kidnapper.


What a scumbag; talk about a waste of human DNA.


In the Idiocracy, Part Two sequel that our country’s political-media theatre has become, I don’t doubt that Grifter would bring a DNA test kit on stage and hurl it at Warren if she was the nominee, which I hope she isn’t because I back Bernie.
If you remember how Trump was allowed to stalk Hillary onstage during the debates, looking like a serial killer about to claim another victim, you see how television “news” is actually circusy entertainment.
I would actually like to see the presidential rival to Trump take some Krav Maga MMA training and execute a spinning round kick to Trump during a debate. Just turn it into a Brawndo steel cage match and let the fun begin.


I would love to see the source for your statement that Trump has a 45% approval rating. On second thought I don’t think I’d believe that, either. :wink:


I look at the Trump video, and ask what someone from another country, who has heard only good things about America, must be asking herself, and the only thing I could come up with is “This is your President?” Stumped, I’d wonder just how I’d explain it to her…


Trump’s racial slurs come as no surprise, now.

What needs more attention are Trump’s Nazi-like rallies being conducted across the country to incite his rabid followers. This has been a commonly employed tactic by dictators thought history. It is the very essence of third world despots. It says far more about Trump and his followers than his mindless rants, yet the media seems far more inclined to focus on his incoherent babbling. The rallies aren’t making the news, just Trump.

This is dangerous. The fact that there are enough of these Trump zombies out there to get Trump elected and the fact that they continue to show up at these rallies and worship Trump, no matter what Trump does to shaft them and the rest of us, should should frighten the hell out of all of us. Could there be any more obvious sign that this country is now a truly fascist state?


Trump has this recurring theme of attacking people about their heritage…Obama, Warren, Muslims, anyone south of the border and people of color in general. Maybe it’s because prevarication about his own heritage was a main theme in his life.

Donald Trump’s grandfather, Friedrich Trump, immigrated from Bavaria around 1885 at the age of 16. After World War II and until the 1980’s Fred, Potus’s dad, hid his German heritage and told people he was of Swedish ancestry. As late as 1987, in “The Art of the Deal” Trump himself repeated this version of his heritage. Business Insider Nordic quotes author Henry Hurt as saying Trump and his dad perpetuated the lie to avoid upsetting their many Jewish tenants. Later he claimed he was proud of his heritage and even served as Grand Marshall of the 1999 German-American Steuben Parade in New York City.

With all the comparisons of him to Hitler and Nazis, he should be careful about any quips concerning DNA kits.


Any way you can get a job Philly? That might work. Move to blue America.