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After TTIP, Wider Corporate Trade Agenda Seeks New Life with CETA and TISA


After TTIP, Wider Corporate Trade Agenda Seeks New Life with CETA and TISA

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The contentious Euro-American trade pact—the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)—may finally be at death's door, but campaigners are warning that recent pronouncements of its demise are merely a "tactical retreat" in order to save two lesser-known and equally "toxic" sister agreements.


Nobody really thought that the Capitalist oligarchy would stop just because the majority of the citizens in the world think that
international trade deals suck did you?
Capitalist's will keep trying to get every last dollar from each of us while simultaneously trying to pick each others pockets.
The winner of the Capitalist game is one lone human(?) sitting at the very top of the pyramid owning everything.
Capitalism is without any doubt or debate the worst economic system ever devised by mankind.


Ever notice how the folks who support these deals just keep coming? MAI dead? Okay, here's another, and another, and another. It's the work of years, of decades.

Over in the comment section about the Wasserman-Schultz victory, there's a defeatist tone, as if one campaign is the death knell for all progressives forevermore. Nonsense. It's the work of years, of decades.

I'm not surprised that someone who has won election 12 times before is gasp actually popular in her district. That anyone did anything against her at all is a good sign. In just two years, there's another election. Those are the ones that consesrvatives tend to dominate, but it doesn't have to be that way. Running progressives against Dem incumbants is just good politics. Even when Tea Party candidates lost (and the mostly lost) they managed to push the entire party to the right because of the fear of being primaried. It works. We've actually seen it work.

If the progressive movement fought as hard as the monied interests fight for what they want, things wouldn't be quite the same today, I think.


Take out all of the bullshit copy write shit....Take out all the crap giving big pharma more power....take out all the corporate investors being able to sue a country if it all the sudden makes everything nationalized or seizes assets....Listen if you go into a third world country and get ripped off its your fault.....But when you go in and invest money hoping to sue to make a windfall..take that out.....Make it about trade and tariffs not get rich schemes....also let labor sit at the table in these negotiations no more secrete deals..This is wrong on many levels ..corporations are not entitled to secrecy when it effects all of us and they use our government officials who they have bought off to screw us the voters........Thats a start.get it down to less than a 1000 pages....cut all the pork and bullshit out of it......Get rid of half the congress both parties and half the senate both parties.....all incumbents should be fired....nothing but government moochers. The real takers...


So what the corporations really want is a law to keep us from making a law against them. Oh, and abolish all the laws now on the books too. Sweet deal if you can get it and they want it badly.
Thinking back for a time there were no laws or regulations to bother with. Nope, can't remember any time like that. Even the first civilization in Iraq, the cradle of civilization, there were laws.
Right now in the US we are seeing the roll back of regulations hard fought for. For the protection of humans and a reasonably ordered life we must have laws and regulations.
Corporations are by nature sociopaths and the people that take on the crusade for them are also sociopaths, they have to be. These trade deals are the selfish insane desires of these sick people and organizations. The crazies have taken over the asylum. Hillary fits the description perfectly.
1.Regularly breaks or flouts the law
2.Constantly lies and deceives others
3.Is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead
4.Can be prone to fighting and aggressiveness
5.Has little regard for the safety of others
6.Irresponsible, can’t meet financial obligations
7.Doesn’t feel remorse or guilt


Not an accurate assessment IMHO.

Modern Capitalism had its roots in the Industrial Revolution which was only a few hundreds of years ago. Human history stretches back many thousands of years prior.

From that much older history famines tended to be the result of changes in Climate , droughts or floods which Capitalism is no better able to deal with.

Added to that the Irish famine and Bengal Famine were a direct result of capitalism wherein surplus food raised in those areas was exported to markets that garnered a better price.


The goal of the 1% is to transfer all wealth from the 99% to the 1%, creating a neofeudal utopia for the 1%.

Regulatory capture disguised as "trade deals" is the fastest, cheapest way for the 1% to create their neofeudal world.

They are not going to jettison their dream.


Not sure I'd be all that worried. Reason being is that already our civilization is collapsing and by the time the collapse becomes "hot" and visible to everyone globalization will have failed. It'll be everyone for himself.
Population will crash and the affluence we know will be a thing of the past. Resources, these are the issue today and we are running down our stocks at great speed. We just cannot avoid it. The world is finite and we desire continuous growth, The economy we know cannot work in reverse. It will just fall over. So for all their evil, TISA etc are soon to be irrelevant. If anything the 1% will accelerate the destruction.


Short-term gratification.


That will prevent any kind of long-term gratification, i.e. survival, for anyone.


It's foolish to think the TTP is not still going to be pushed in the lame duck session. McConnell is talking about "tweaking" it, which will allow Clinton to says its improved, and Obama is running full steam ahead. He asked Mexico to see if certain tweaks are acceptable. The plan just may be to get it out of the public discussion and give us a December surprise, like Bill Clinton did with ending Glass-Steagall, if I recall the month correctly in November 1999.

Thus, the TTIP will not be dead either because these attempts are like relentless zombies arusing time and tima again. The moneyed interests never give up.

Keep the fight going.


Glad you asked.
Stay tuned.


I would call these kinds of deals "vampire treaties". Bloodsucking and hard to kill.

Those opposed must stay vigilant and give these things the light of day in order to kill them.

Many of these things have been ratified with the public kept in the dark.


Capitalism is already terminally ill, and mixed market capitalist economies are likely unworkable too.

The only question is whether the public is quick enough to accurately diagnose our current symptoms. The faster we realize that capitalism as we know it is fundamentally unworkable, the better the prospects for society and our living planet.

But to make the leap that is needed, we're going to gradually realize that what has seemed to "work" in the past for us (e.g., FDR's mixed market New Deal) cannot solve our current and future challenges because the world has changed so much in terms of population, resources, poisoning of the air, water and soil; resource depletion, extinction of species, water shortages, and of course, global warming and climate disruption.

Capitalism needs economic growth, but growing the economy is incompatible with environmental sustainability, and achieving sustainability is a non-negotiable condition for the survival of human civilization.
Capitalism also creates new inequalities and exacerbates existing ones, but social science research has shown that substantial inequality creates a vast array of social (and environmental) problems. Besides not wanting these problems on moral grounds, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and we simply can't afford the price tag for the problems created by the inequality that is part of capitalism.
Capitalism also corrupts/destroys the functioning of representative democracies, and we don't want and can't afford that either.

As for these trade deals, we need fewer goods traveling vast distances, not more.




Oh, I get it.

That's why McConnell (who looks like a great white shark with lifeless dolls eyes) said it was dead at the pubic microphone.

So we'd just all think TPP was over until next year and quit fighting it. Sneaky bastards.


"How is the automobile like globalization?"

There are 4 basic urban/suburban transportation modes - (cars/trucks, mass transit, walking and bicycling). Because automobiles present a severe impediment to the other travel modes, driving also becomes an impediment to its own optimal function.

Similarly, there are 5 basic scales of economy - (Local, Regional, State, National and Global). The global economy, like the automobile, undermines the function of the lesser, though actually more fundamental scales of economy. In order for some sensible level of the global economy to function, the lesser economies must adequately function.

I make this comparison to note that globalization conducts the longest distance transport and should not be considered sustainable. Urban societies readily admit the problems of traffic, not realizing how their 'subservient' economic structure is more or less its underlying cause. There's really no fixing traffic related problems but to drive less. So too, the only sensible level of globalization is less global trade.