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After Two Fatal Police Shootings, Trump Calls for 'Nationwide Stop-and-Frisk'


After Two Fatal Police Shootings, Trump Calls for 'Nationwide Stop-and-Frisk'

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the nation reels from two recent fatal police shootings of black men, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday called for cities nationwide to adopt "stop-and-frisk"—a widely condemned police practice that New York City was forced to abandon after a federal judge struc


Seriously, when Trump get's elected or for that matter Hiltery. Change the name of our country to the "United Fascist States of America". Because that's what we have become.


Why is Common Dreams supporting Trumps stop and frisk call!


Heil Trump!


You came to that conclusion how?


Trump the other more of the same candidate.


Beyond what Trump is saying, I would question what this gentleman has in mind for AFTER he actually gets the job (and it's starting to look more and more likely). Since he is already claiming powers that Article II do not grant him, I am starting to wonder if he has a coup in mind, and to turn this nation into a dictatorship.


More and more likely how?


The right of concealed or open carry is one afforded only to white people and white people don't get stopped and frisked either.

I mean, I cannot even literally imagine the scenario of black man with a legally permitted concealed gun getting frisked by cops - or even stopped in a car, without the black man ending up dead. And openly carrying an assault rifle like some white people do? It totally beggars the imagination that a black man could do such a thing unmolested.


See the funny thing is that the man shot to death in Charlotte supposedly had a gun.
OK, we can accept that because North Carolina is an open carry state and he should have every right to carry a gun.
So you're right. It must be that it's an open carry state but only for white people.
All others will be shot on sight by the police.


I think you dilute the effectiveness of the Hitler phenomenon charge when you apply it to both of the binary presidential candidates.

I think you should save it for Donald Trump. But probably explain that you are not comparing Trump himself to Hitler but rather are pointing to the normal seeming Germans who enabled the inception and snowballing, i.e., momentum of Hitler.

Trump himself might or might not turn into a Hitler-- certainly in many respects would-- but to live in the moment, ask who he is right now.

A talk show host like Oliver North or Rush Limbaugh.

The phenomenon of Trump supporters, it is often suggested, should never be criticized since that would be impolitic. Hence a 60 per cent objection to the term "deplorables," part of which animus comes from Trump's own frequent use of the adjective "disgraceful." Which to me suggests another term not destined ever to become viral, "discrackables."

Once we make it clear that, despite their vitriolic objection, we are in fact criticizing Trump's supporters themselves, we should always try to provide this link to a famous Spike Jones song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWF8iRCan7I).

As for criticizing Hillary, talk about evidence of her blood thirst and regime change and demonization of Putin and Assad, etc. staying away from all the superficial criticisms associated with her name, especially "untrustworthiness," trusting in Politifact's finding that she has lied less than all other candidates in the 2016 season.

Trump and Trump's supporters are much closer to Hitler than Hillary is-- that's all I'm saying. And please vote for whomever you want unless that is at least marginally apt to lead to the end of the world.


Trump calls for a nationwide stop and frisk of African Americans?

And then what's next? Nationwide stop and frisk of Muslims, then Hispanics and then protestors and then... well, you fill in the blank.


What an arse he is. Talk about pouring gasoline on a fire. Yeesh.


Well you most certianly are entitled to your opinion. When Hitlery speaks about nuking Iran. That's Hitler like in my book. Or when she talks about setting up a no fly zone in Syria to protect her Islamic Head Chopping Terrorist that are fighting the Assad government and have murdered a half million people. And I won't even mention Libya or Yemen.......


Ok. I get the stop Trump sentiment. But let's stay focused on what we want and not what we fear.


This is why Congressional elections are so important. It doesn't matter what Trump (or Clinton) call for if they can't get it by Congress


Yet another display of Trump's gross ignorance. If he knew anything about the criminal justice system he would know that the "stop and frisk" policy in NYC was found to be unconstitutional (the ruling was not challenged by NYC). And just as important it was found to be counterproductive. After the policy was stopped crime rates went down. What does work is the police getting to know the members of the community. That breaks down distrust. NYC does that and it has worked. Many members of the most the African American communities that have had the highest crime rates now know individual police. In some instances even have the e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers of members of the police force that they know. Trump is completely unqualified to be running for president. Besides being a racist he is ignorant on almost all important issues and rather then turning to experts he blurts out what he thinks. And in this case as in most instances what he says is just plain dumb given the past history of "stop and frisk."


We need a something that is going to set a chain of events in motion and I think that something is a Trump presidency. He is the catalyst!
This country wouldn't stand like it is with him as president, something is going to have to give. His presidency will be the wreaking ball, the beginning of the final countdown to revolutionary change!
This could be the opportunity to set things in motion..

I know you think I am crazy, but my gut is telling me this. That is why the establishment is really afraid of him.


Dr. Jill Stein,M.D., Ajamu Baraka is the worlds, and Americas best choice in November!


Your advice?