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After Two Wars, Standing Rock is the First Time I Served the American People


After Two Wars, Standing Rock is the First Time I Served the American People

Will Griffin

I was in Iraq when President Bush announced the “surge” in January 2007. I was in Afghanistan when President Obama announced the “surge” in December 2009. But it wasn’t until I visited Standing Rock in October 2016 when I actually served the American people. This time, instead of fighting for corporate interests, I was fighting for the people.


"...this time, instead of fighting for corporate interests, I was fighting for the people"

Which couldn't be accomplished as a Member of the Armed Forces, which, now, can no longer be considered an Honorable Calling by an Informed Public.

That you can't watch a Professional Sports Event without a Military PsyOp conflating Corporate Interests with National Interests ("...let's bring on the Blue Angels before the Iraq Vet sings the National Anthem.") exposes the Insidiousness of the Call to our Youth to Abandon their Humanity with Official Sanction.


Will Griffin, thank you for your service--at the side of the Water Protectors.


Throughout American history we find examples of true patriots and progressives having to constantly battle the status quo in order to improve the lot of the 99%. It started with many colonists remaining loyal to the British monarchy during the American Revolution, and when they found themselves on the wrong side of history, they pushed for the US to be ruled by a new monarchy.

More than 200 years later Clinton fans started pushing Hillary to run for POTUS, even as she was running in 2000 for the Senate seat in New York. These royalists who prefer monarchy over democracy have pushed hard for Hillary's POTUS run ever since.

During the past week, with Hillary's November 8 win in the bag, Clinton fans are now gushing about Chelsea becoming POTUS in 2025 after Hillary has completed her two terms, confirming that today we are fighting the same battle against monarchists that the founding fathers were. Lets hope today's US electorate sends a strong message on November 8 that the mere thought of a Clinton dynasty is on the wrong side of history.


Thank you for this article, Will Griffin !

My father was an American Marine stationed in Maui WW 2.

I have always believed that the soldier's first instinct was to protect, and this article from Will Griffin confirms that I think, while demonstrating an uncommon grasp of the bigger picture both politically and science-wise, I can only think real experience on the ground in Iraq & Afghanistan informed in no small measure one of the few who have been able to remain standing following moral injury and PTSD.

The Greek word "hero" means 'protector', or 'defender'

All the best Mr. Griffin

PS: "Breach of Trust" by former Colonel American Army Andrew Bacevich details many who have seen the truth as described in this article. Marine Commandant Smedley Butler was one of the first, and Andrew Bacevich describes many others in his fine book - deeming this "Smedley Syndrome". I prefer to think of them as 'heros' in the Greek sense, having overcome the greatest hurdle - to know oneself.


Thank you for writing and sharing this. So many young men and women who risk the military experience do not understand we are among the worst imperialistic countries who have ever existed. We can only have peace when we have justice.


Thank You Will for this service to mankind!


A great commentary. I had an interesting thought as I read it...what if the Sioux people and their leaders were put over the government of the US for the next four years.....replacing all of the politicians we have in Washington today.

Anyway, I think this man speaks for many of the troops overseas who are probably afraid or too brain washed to speak out. Probably the most important thing is though...where do the American people really stand? I remember one soldier who came back from Iraq and testified against the abuses at Abu Ghraib prison. When he returned to his home town he was treated as a traitor and outcast for standing up for the truth. There is a problem with the populace of the US and Washington may just be a reflection. There appear to be no really good leaders and people like MLK are taken out. But we still have people like this young man so we can hope and keep the fire alive.


Thank you brother


Washington is the teacher. They are our masters. We are their slaves. In the 1900s the empire brought the Prussian style of education to the US to replace the highly effective one room school houses. They did this to instill the martial spirit in Americans and to teach obedience over critical thinking. John Taylor Gatto wrote a well footnoted book called The Underground History of American Education. The US invented Modern Propaganda. The Nazis just copied it. Goebbels had everything Edward Bernays every wrote in his library. He used those writings as a how to guide.


Thank you, brother.

Your words give me great heart.

I'm not at Oceti Sakowan, but I have been standing for the water for a long time now. In my home place, and wherever I've been blessed to travel.

To know that the hearts and spirits of the young here in the center of the empire are awakening is to know that Creator is making all those prayers come true now.

I hope many more will awaken in these days, and find the courage, integrity and wisdom to speak and stand immoveably for the water.

Water is life. Whoever is not ready to die for it does not really understand her Self or life. But this is the time to LIVE fully for the water, as the water.

And we're all one in the water...


From one renegade to another: thanks for being one who gives voice to the voiceless.

It's a tough job, speaking about deliberate cruelty, speaking about sadism, speaking about evil to those who prefer not to perveive it (and thus condone it).

I wish you enough love to transmute the poison into sweet medicine, for you and yours.

To all you warriors of love who assemble here: we need much gentle care, much kindness, to stay well in this time. May you offer and receive it in abundance now.


This is one of the most powerful and beautiful things I have read in a long time. In your self-sacrificing military service, you were betrayed by the government, yet continued to search for a way to demonstrate true patriotism and service. You have done so. Your experiences would make an incredible book.
Thank you - from a grateful nation.


"land of the free and the home of the brave". This veteran and this protest camp seems to represent this line. I do not see too much of that in the US society any more.


Thank you, Niniche. :slight_smile:


no prob. thanks for the nice words


Dear Heart: you wrote a very moving, eloquent and...wise...article. I wish with my heart that I could be at Standing Rock but there are personal commitments that require my presence here. I am, however, ordering medical supplies as i have the money.

But you provided a perspective that shows your honor and the honor of other veterans who are self-deploying. As an energy healer, I am sending prayers of gratitude to you and to all who strive to truly serve the people......

All Love,
Padme A'Tea (Lyn Gilbert)


Will, this is the most powerful writing I have read, not only about Standing Rock, but about the whole state of the USA today, and our corrupt foreign policy, dictated by corporations, not the will of the people.
Thank you for your incredible article.


A government of Native Americans: YES! I second that.
They would soon get our priorities right.


I recall the Vietnam days, when the US military noted that some Native American GI's were having a hard time because they were suffering from "gook empathy syndrome".
We must also tell any prepared to listen (!!) that militarism is a characteristic not of armies but of societies.
The Taoist sage Lao-Tzu remarked that "A man with outward courage dares to die [and kill-mine] A man with inward courage dares to live". I think even a young man can heed this.
Will Griffin, thanks