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After 'Unconscionable' Detention by US Border Patrol, 10-Year-Old Rosa Maria Hernandez Finally Released From Custody


After 'Unconscionable' Detention by US Border Patrol, 10-Year-Old Rosa Maria Hernandez Finally Released From Custody

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"We will continue to work to ensure that Rosa Maria is able to heal in peace, and that other children are not subjected to the same trauma," the ACLU vowed 


May these past days not be so traumatic that she cannot get past. Please heal and be strong, Rosa Maria.


Apparently even jack booted thugs have a conscience.


Doubtful…the trump regime era (and prior empowerment) storm-troopers do not have a functional moral compass, only an us vs them racist mentality.


It could be beneficial for all concerned but instead we learn the wrong thing. Mexicans have an evolutionary advantage because they have a stronger sense of community and family that they lose when they immigrate to the U.S. Their life expectancy goes down to our level. We could learn from that but it is difficult to change that it could go a better way. The history of people with disabilities is a great example. Here, there are people that have been in detention all of their lives and still are, AND we tolerate that as normal. It is only a fairly recent policy change that is making an effort to recognize equality. These gains are being threatened by the Trump administration on several levels. Border and immigration is just one. Policy is fairly easy to change, Laws are more difficult, and attitudes take a really long time.


There is a plain ol’ racist mentality, and then there is the White Supremacist racism which is particularly extreme, including the KKK. I would put Trump in the category of White Supremacist. It is absolutely appalling that somehow we elected a White Supremacist as president.


As reported, the decision to bully (brutalize) Rosa Maria, and her family was made at the top. Pray tell, who might that be, DHS Kelly. You Tube, Lucid Dreamer.


When I was still a teacher, I worked with more than a few kids with CP. It really isn’t hard to get to know them and be friends as long as you simply accept their disability is not their fault and on an ultimate spiritual reasoning they simply need your support. Why is that too much to ask of this Trump government? I would think Trump’s disability would be of much more concern than CP kids around this nation. Trump is the one that needs to be detained for impersonating a president.




So tell me again how this 10 year old girl with CP is threatening my safety?


I think it was her safety that was in question. The same applies, she is a 10 year girl in medical crisis without a legal guardian present and other complications by immigration status.


Very true, as part of our training I met a man with CP that used his computer with an attachment to his forehead. He also modified some the prosthetic devices that have been used by many people.