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After US Withdrawal, Turkey Announces Troops Are In Place for Planned Offensive Against Kurds in Syria

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/08/after-us-withdrawal-turkey-announces-troops-are-place-planned-offensive-against

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Abandoning buddies on the field is now acceptable behavior for our Glorious Tweeter-In-Chief, Hair Gropin’Fuhrer Drumpf?

Why would ANY ALLY TRUST U$ ever again?


Lots of rumors and the UK propaganda guy is wrong, as usual.

Erdogan has a few days left. This time, the fighter jet will not be 20 minutes late.

America paid 50% of Turkey costs for the bagdad sunni refugees. Britain paid the other half. When britz stopped paying, erdogan sent the folks into Europe. He then permitted the young men from there to return and then enter Syria to join ISIS. Our ‘deep state’ is pizzed off. Expect a dirty harry resolution,

If this deal our so-called president has made with the Turks stands, it will be a cold day in Trump’s future home, Hell, before any current or retired military support this lawless human.


Trump may be lashing out. He resents not being all powerful. It pisses him off that, other than commanding the armed forces, he only has equal powers to the congress and judiciary.
This stinks of Russia being involved. Just a guess.

Of course Russia’s involved. They have a direct alliance with Syria, and Putin’s been trying to wedge Turkey from NATO bit by bit for years. But there’s a lot more to this than that.

Russia’s concern in the region is primarily Syria’s stability. And anything that drove the Syrian Kurds into a partnership with Assad would be viewed as a good thing from Lavrov’s perspective. Nevertheless, Russia will not support an extended Turkish occupation of any Syrian territory for any reason, so it’s unlikely Putin’s driving policy here. He’s just one voice among many chirping in Trump’s precarious head.

One thing utterly overlooked in all this is that Syria still exists and still has a veteran army in the field. And this is a potential invasion of their territory. The Kurds will unlikely be alone. And I’m guessing Assad’s more than had it with random invasions of his sovereign territory.

We’ll see.


All valid points on top of the fact that the Syrian government is throwing out a welcome mat for SDF fighters to join the Syrian army. That’s a good offer. The Kurds should take it.

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HERE WE GO… Time to test out some of those new American/ NATO weapons and observe/ surveil the impacts…

Didn’t help in Afrin. The Syrian army in Afrin was blown to bits by Turkish/ NATO forces. Won’t help here. So the question is the Russians… and as I said there more likely to make an agreement to divy up Rojava… here everyone wins except the Kurds who will be toasted…

Don’t worry, Don. If this kind of behavior keeps up, the u.s. won’t have any allies. I despise wars and aggression but you do NOT leave friends behind like this.

The impact will be more weapons sales to keep the war-mongers happy and wealthy.

As I said everyone…US/ Russia/ Turkey wins… except the Kurds. I expect a little schadenfreude from CNN and co, but then it’s business as usual lol

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You have the players in Afrin wrong. Turkish troops aligned with Syrian rebels – the same rebels fighting Assad in the civil war – defeated the Kurdish-dominated SDF. NATO members were against the Turkish invasion – but what could they do? Erdogan will send a million refugees to Europe if they stand in his way.

Should the US have gotten involved there, too? You seem to want us to occupy and police the region.

FYI The Syrian rebels are not the same as the Syrian Army. The Syrian Army sent a token force to support the Afrin Kurds to defend Afrin. The Syrian Army token force was literally blown to bits. Syria does not have a working airforce.

From Wikipedia: In addition, Syrian pro-government forces entered the conflict on the side of the DFNS in February 2018. It is not clear how many government loyalists eventually fought in the operation; a YPG commander said that 4,000 militiamen were planned to enter Afrin,[128] though only about 500 were confirmed to have fought alongside the SDF.[50][128]

FYI: Turkish troops fought alongside Syrian rebels, aka jihadists, in Afrin against the SDF.

Syria has air support from Putin, when Putin is inclined to use it. He has reasons to give Erdogan a long leash.

Long, but not endless.

Turkey is an American proxy. America was quite happy for Turkey to take over Afrin, slaughter Kurds, expel 300 000 kurds, colonize and ethnic cleanse, etc and let Turkey expand its economic and military might. Turkey uses American military equipment … so yes United States polices the region through its mid-eastern proxies (Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, etc)!!

Funny how Turkey holds all the cards and plays them well.

The SDF should have gotten away from the border with Turkey long ago.
Now it’ll be at the end of a gun.

The SDF moved away “from the border with Turkey” as requested by President Trump so that Turkey and United States could police the borders. Not “a gun”… toasted by an American missile (from land or from an American drone or American bomber).

Turkey does not hold all the cards. United States could remove Turkey from NATO, or Russia could… but here we’re getting ahead of ourselves re: “the fog of war”

How could Russia “remove” Turkey from NATO?
They’ve been trying to pry Turkey loose from NATO for a long time.

And the US has a huge airbase in Turkey.
And the US joins Turkey in calling the PKK terrorists.

Turkey holds lots of cards, friend.

Russia could…poison Erdogan and/or invade Turkey… toast Ankara… do you know what the"fog of war" means??