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After Visiting Immigrant Mothers Detained By Trump, Pramila Jayapal Demands End to 'Cruel and Barbaric' Family Separation Policy


After Visiting Immigrant Mothers Detained By Trump, Pramila Jayapal Demands End to 'Cruel and Barbaric' Family Separation Policy

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As the "pure, unadulterated evil" of President Donald Trump's family separation policy becomes more glaring with each passing day, Rep.


This family separation policy of Trump and his federal government is consistent with all the barbaric practices he has brought.

Political pardons and talking about marijuana legalization do not forgive the sins he and his ICE agents bring.


Just finished reading “The Boy Who was Raised as a Dog,” by Bruce D. Perry, about childhood trauma. Applying what I read here, it’s very easy to say that Trump and ICE are inflicting significant trauma on these children and their parents. This trauma will affect them for the rest of their lives, whether they stay in the U.S. or are sent back to the traumatic conditions they fled. “Bring us your poor, etc.” We’ll fuck 'em up good and send 'em packing! Can’t say as I see any difference between an ICE agent and a Nazi storm trooper.


Call, email and raise hell with your congress creatures, DHS, HHS, ICE, the southern saltine’s JOJ and give them all a verbal ‘what for’.
Everyone is horrified by this shyte and it will not be tolerated at all.


Where were the Dims when Obama was doing this big-time (most deportations in U.S. history)? Like their Re-thug partners in the Duopoly, they don’t give a damn about the heinous and consistently racist treatments of immigrants to the U.S. and in the U.S. This is a really cheap political ploy to grab a few headlines to make people believe that they are actually doing something and to keep U.S. “progressive” sheep herded until the next (s)election.

Obviously, it continues to work for them as they continue to work for their plutocratic, oligarch and corporate handlers. You go Dims! Let the Blue Waiver dribble on…


In another related story… The pope tells people that having children magically creates the energy to sustain them.


Lady Liberty needs to stick her torch up Trump’s ass and set the knob to “Max”.


When he wears his mitre, perhaps he should omit the saw in the future. Paging Voltaire. Voltaire, please come to the service desk–The Enlightenment lamp needs refueling.


yes, i feel so sad so much cruelty in the human world. human and humane derive from the same root word and yet . . . :disappointed_relieved:


Where are the Evangelicals? These Trump supporters keeping quiet about families being separated need to be shamed over this. We on the left are all but powerless to end this horror, but Jerry Falwell jr. could end it tomorrow.


It’s horrible that people have their kids removed. Yet, people ignore the limits to growth and continue to have kids, then show up at borders where they know insane greedy rulers will abuse them.

And then everyone screams about how awful it is, and then they go right back to what they were doing.

It’s always the fault of someone else, and never the fault of not knowing basic math.

If good people, liberals, “progressives” and religious leaders REALLY cared they would stop having kids themselves as an example of leadership, and then lend that energy to showing others how to do the same.

And adopt instead of breed.

But no, this will continue to happen because of natalism and the insane insistence that the planet will provide no matter what.


No. Under Obama, ICE was not separating asylum-seeking mothers and children into separate prisons for months.

While actual deportations out of the US are modestly lower, immigration arrests, and imprisonments, including migrants who have legally lived in the US for years has soared under Trump.


Wow. I prefer the viewpoints of the Alt-right racists to yours…


nazi trumps FUCK off. The dump ain’t no sentient being. He’s lower than a cock roach! He’s a gangster frankenstein coward bully. Bone spurs in his mind and ass!


Defunding these goons is probably the only tactic tht will work. Appeals to ethics, moral values, social norms, etc fall on deaf ears when the people in question are sociopaths.


That’s simply untrue.




Actually…the birth rate in the US is dropping consistently and lots of “good people” are not having babies precisely because of these issues. The average age in the US is 38+, a sure indicator of an aging population. And most of the refugees and immigrants from Central and Latin American are from Catholic countries, where a rather vicious form of patriarchy that denies women contraceptives and access to abortions rules. …and information about overpopulation either never filters down to them or seems like a remote issue they can’t identify with. Which still doesn’t address the problem of American goons assaulting women and babies and ripping families apart, in a replay of the days when slavery (and similar tactics) and contempt for anyone who was not a pink-skin were commonplace.


So-called “Evangelicals” promote this type of racist assault on individuals they don’t identify with.


It seems to be that we have to do a lot more than just stop funding these ICE thugs. There need to be criminal proceedings against them.


If Ms Jayapal had been speaking in German, I’d have thought myself back in thirties Germany.
*My heart goes out to those whose lives now depend on creatures who get off on cruelty and exploitation, from the bottom to the top. I fear we may be getting close to a twenty-first century revival of “the Final Solution.”
*I hope that, soon, something or somebody will take the blinders off We the People and we will act to end this ascension of cruelty and greed that has paralyzed us.
*Otherwise, we shall find ourselves moving into a replay of Germany in the forties. With twenty-first century weapons, there will be no replay of Nuremburg, just a few tears amidst the rubble.