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After Walmart Unveils Reduced Gun and Ammunition Sales, Critics Say Pressure on Store to Do More 'Should Double, Not Subside'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/03/after-walmart-unveils-reduced-gun-and-ammunition-sales-critics-say-pressure-store-do

Here is why we in America are totally screwed thanks to peabrain right wing bass turds. Check out what the NRA said about this:
“It is shameful to see Walmart succumb to the pressure of the anti-gun elites. Lines at Walmart will soon be replaced by lines at other retailers who are more supportive of America’s fundamental freedoms.”

So, anyone who wants gun control is an “anti-gun” elite! If you believe that you probably support The Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump.

I suppose it’s true enough that gun purchases will just go to the next competitive retail priced store.
I don’t agree with what Walmart is doing under pressure, but I sure support their right to do so.
The NRA is doing it’s usual hokey pokey. Most of it tied to political friends and foes.

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This article is ridiculous. Fine, support Walmart for no longer supplying certain billets. But complaining that it even sells guns at all is insane. That’s a full call for the repeal of the Second Amendment. That’s not compromise. That’s insanity. Quoting idiots like this article is doing erodes all rational debate. It becomes a “ban-all-guns-or-else” debate. That’s not a debate.

Once again, it’s all or nothing from you.

Reality check: Walmart sells 2% of all guns in this country. How would their getting out of the gun sales business – which they’re not – be anywhere remotely near repeal of the Second Amendment or a “ban-all-guns-or-else” proposition? And why shouldn’t Walmart respond to the demands of their customers and employees who don’t want gun-toting customers around, you know, right after one just killed a lot of people?

You know what isn’t debate? Your hyperbolic ranting.

Not exactly. The quote wasn’t a consensus of customer sentiment (though I’m glad you like the free market principal of allowing a company to freely decide what it should and shouldn’t sell). The quote from the article was someone upset that Walmart didn’t ban sales of guns in its stores. The logical conclusion to that quote is that the quoter wouldn’t be happy if anyone sold guns. Hence my response.

You both make sense. That lends it to being a controversial subject imo.
I must live in a peaceable community. The antics and the shoppers at Walmart around the country are hilarious if you check out youtube.
The mantra of the NRA that gun controls lead to banning all guns is pure hyperbole.
The second amendment isn’t going away.
Which is a good thing for me because I am a stickler on choice with abortion, gun ownership, seat belts oddly enough, attire, and you name it.
In Texas we have yet another very troubled person who for what ever reason did not get the help he needed, when he needed it.


Thank you. Someone with reason on this site. I have no intention of ever owning a gun. But I do believe in the Second Amendment and want to make sure people see when gun control advocacy goes too far. The quote in this article went way too far and only could logically lead to the conclusion that the quoter wouldn’t be happy until a total ban.

It is a troubling notion that some believe only the cops and military are allowed guns. Sometimes I think the police should have one bullet and it should be in their pocket Barney Fife style.
And no more military vehicles for police forces.
Bigger cities, or troubled cities should have one or more National Guard units stationed there. They are the ones that should possess armored vehicles and heavy arms, not cops. And the NG should be the ones to address riots and large unruly protest crowds, not local cops.