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After Warning of 'Large and Painful Military Operation,' Israel Begins Massive Bombing of Gaza

After Warning of 'Large and Painful Military Operation,' Israel Begins Massive Bombing of Gaza

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just hours after Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman warned that Israel is gearing up to launch a "large and painful military operation" in Gaza that would rival Operation Protective Edge—a 2014 assault that killed more than 2,000 Palestinians—the Israeli military carried out "


I can’t imagine how much more reprehensible Amerika and her puppeteers can become as they support actions like what the morally bankrupt and sociopathic Nutenyahoo and his right wing creeps are doing to the Palestinians, support what the Saudis are doing to the Yemenis, and carry out the Nazi treatment of immigrants and their children. I doubt there will ever be accountability of the maniacal murderers and lawmakers or justice for the victims, but I sure wish upon the perpetrators of the evil a karma that singes them and then burns through and through.

I guess Stephen Miller watches old Nazi War movies every night to help him come up with more heinous ideas he can feed to Dump…and the other perps are already Nazis.


Israel is now classed as an apartheid state by some agency. What gives them the right to slaughter civilians? Screw them and save the people.


I wanted to comment, but I’m in shock and speechless.


Israel once again takes advantage of any excuse in order to launch another round of deadly and disproportionate violence against Palestinians. This making of total war against nearly defenseless people is simply slow-motion genocide.



It is kind of amazing how many stupid things a person can say in just a few sentences. How does warning justify an action? Hey, London, we’re going to drop a nuke on ya, so don’t complain, we warned you. Fucking idiot.

“And any other country would have long since made a parking lot out of a Gaza counterpart and plowed all its inhabitants under the pavement.”

Ban this asshole and delete his comment. He is calling for genocide.


(statements deleted because later I’d regret posting them)

You are despicable.


I’m Jewish. and you’re sick. Please seek help.


Used to take rockets being launched from Gaza to bring this kind of response. Now, just some protests along the border fence?? They have lowered their standards of civility again.


N-yahoo is emboldened to do anything under Trump. Same with the Saudi’s. Sick f***ers.

It would not surprise me to see many suicide attacks inside Israel. Israel is turning into a super right wing bastion - approaching N. Korea on human rights abuses.


I don’t mean to rub salt in your wounds, they are mine as well but…your tax dollars at work. That’s the only thing missing from a great post. It’s our money being spent to kill others as if in a barrel.


The sickness, such total lack of compassion; crawl back under your rock!


Of any people on this planet who should know what it means to be so persecuted for their faith, how do the Israeli Jews seem to have no limit to their viciously brutal racism?

And it is pervasive within their society, not just the deranged national government figures.

Simply, wrong is wrong . . . an ache within the Soul.

Sadly, this is just another in a long line of wrongs committed by Israel, nor, unfortunately, will it be anywhere near the last.



Everything I have read on this says the attacks were launched as a response to more than 25 mortar shells fired toward southern Israel (many were intercepted). That probably doesn’t change anything but for the sake of accuracy and truth in reporting it should have been included in this article. The military response was not mainly because of the Israeli soldier that was shot. The right wing government of Israel seems out of control. These are wrong people to have such superiority in weapons. And Avigdor Lieberman as advocated ethnic cleansing. It is unbelievable he could be appointed defense minister.

Netanyahu and the zionist government have become all the things they have feared- self-fulfilling prophesies, the delusional consequence of which apparently being the claim that there is a right to genocide. Not only that, but implicitly that god looks past all sins just so long as they negate and kill their way to ‘survival’.


The issue of how Israeli society has turned so sharply right and how they cannot see the parallels in their own brutal actions to those that have persecuted the Jews in the past has perplexed me for some time.

There are still some in Israel who are constantly appalled by the thugs that rule their country - but they seem to have less voice with each passing year. For example, you still see anti-war opinion pieces regularly in news outlets like Haaretz - but sadly the fascist right in that country just keeps winning elections.


The axis of evil stretches from Jerusalem (not recognized by the international community as Israel capital) to Pennsylvania Avenue…


It is amazing how many Nazis converted to Judaism, or so the impression seems. How much of this planned assault on Gaza ties in with diverting public attention in Israel from the corruption charges against Netanyahu. Of all the horrors worldwide the Israeli-Palestinian ‘conflict’ is particularly perverse since it never had to be. Honest efforts could have changed the picture totally. Going back to the position of Henry Kissinger, winner of a Nobel peace prize, Kissinger of all people, who proposed the ‘stalemate’ solution, meaning no attempt at a real solution but to maintain the status quo of the Palestinians living like ‘dogs’ as Israeli ‘leadership’ put it. And that has continued up to the present. So help me I want to live long enough to see justice for the Palestinians. Not just a ‘solution’ but real justice. But that may only come about when real changes happen in the US. And the world knows that all too well.


Please tell me why our Zionists Schumer and Pelosi are not screaming about the slaughter of the innocent.
Oh, that’s right. They got the embassy moved.
My bad…


250,000 to 500,000 Roma Gypsies died in the Nazi SS death camps. Have you ever heard, or seen an Israeli Jew show sorrow for a Roma Gypsie?