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After Weeks of Allowing 'Autonomous Zone,' Seattle Police Clear CHOP Amid Violence, Growing Complaints

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/01/after-weeks-allowing-autonomous-zone-seattle-police-clear-chop-amid-violence-growing

Now Seattle Mayor Durkan is pressing City Council to take action against Councilmember Sawant for “endangering public health” for encouraging BLM protestors to enter City Hall.

Of course the Mayor would not accuse the police department of “endangering public health” by gassing neighborhoods or shooting protestors with “less than lethal” weapons, and she sees no “public health” endangerment by police trashing homeless encampments when these people have no safe place to go.


Durkan is one of those bought-and-paid-for Developmentocrats; the kind that has, for decade after decade, been fat and happy with one of the most regressive state tax systems in the country. We have some of the richest capitalists in the world headquartered in and living around Seattle, but the poorer you are, the bigger your proportional share of taxes. The Democrats, satisfied with this dirty little class war status quo, never go near this “third rail.” They just let it go on and on, with one month to go until the eviction tsunami washes through Puget Sound (eviction moratorium recently extended to July 31).


Here’s what I feel like happened: CHOP was set up, then white supremacists attacked a bunch of people there, then the police refused to provide aid, then the mayor had the CHOP disbanded. This will probably happen everywhere eventually. If we are to survive hate and violence, we need to find a way to make these autonomous zones more safe and therefore more stronger and more permanent.


Just like the Occupy Movement so was CHOP/CHAZ (I prefer the latter) infiltrated and undermined by those in power who sent in their bought thugs to murder people with the intention that this would trigger violent response from protesters. That didn’t happen (yet) but the police was sent anyway to dismantle the autonomous area. I knew all this would happen the way it unfolded the moment the Police retreated from the East Precinct. That was merely a tactical move to allow the protesters a limited confined area so the protests would not spill over into the streets. Mayor Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best have shown in words and actions today that they are reprehensible pawns of a system that desecrates beautiful Murals of Hope: Black Lives Matter.

I’m a bit out of touch with this but as a semi permanent, not sure what you call it, form of protest needs better organization in my opinion. I agree in principle though.

They chose protest over retaliation and, now, they are back to business as usual.

Let’s see: six shootings, two teenage deaths, and @MayorJenny still says “it’s an arts festival”. THEN, the CHAZ threatens to take over her 5,000 sq ft house worth $7.6 million after her new addition. A DAY LATER, she brings in the police, “end the chaos!”