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After What Trump Did to Iran and Canada, Why Should N Korea Trust Talks With Him?

After What Trump Did to Iran and Canada, Why Should N Korea Trust Talks With Him?

Juan Cole

On the face of it, Trump’s erratic behavior with allies and his violation of the 2015 accord on Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment program ought to give North Korea pause about negotiating with him.

It does not.

The Iran deal in particular was closely negotiated over the course of years. Iran gave up 90% of its nuclear enrichment program in return for an end to economic sanctions. While the other member states of the UN Security Council did lift UNSC sanctions, the Republican-controlled Congress not only did not lift unilateral US sanctions but actually slapped more on.

People who tweet from bathroom stalls
Roll their shit into little balls
People who heed those words of wit
Eat those little balls of shit

(w/apologies to the original version)

The shit is piling up, as only Cult45 is eating. The rest of the world is crying and laughing its way through this tragic comedy known as the Trump administration. Kim Jong Un and company included.

Nothing explains Trump’s base more succinctly than “Cult 45”.

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One day soon there will be a summit with all the dictators in the world coming together under Trump umbrella? He supports them all as his friends and allies.

Trade is a wonky problem. We have trade deficits brought to us by NAFTA, CAFTA et al which was a bad thing, very bad except for multi national conglomerates. But for the people of the world they were bad. Now Trump wants to level the playing field? These trade deals put locals in Amerika and Mexico out of business. Rest of world too.

I don’t have a good enough understanding to see the truth thru the barrage of info a couple decades ago to now. I am very confused.

To better illustrate what a Bufoon Herr Trump is when it comes to “Free and reciprocal trade”.

Assume that in that 600 some odd billion dollars of bilateral trade Canada DOES have an 18 billion dollar surplus.

The USA has about 9 times the poulation of Canada. This means on a per capita basis Canadians buy around 9 times the stuff from the USA that citizens of the USA buy from Canada. Of course a market of 300 some odd million is going to buy more stuff then one of 35 million. I mean DUHHHHH.

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