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After 'Wink' From Trump When a Journalist Butchered, Says Iran's Foreign Minister, 'Not a Whisper' When Saudis Behead 37


After 'Wink' From Trump When a Journalist Butchered, Says Iran's Foreign Minister, 'Not a Whisper' When Saudis Behead 37

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif denounced U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration for their total silence after Saudi Arabia beheaded 37 people this week.


“We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses.”

Could I say more?


I won’t watch the Pompous man clip because I know it would ruin my day. After all they all spawn from the likeness of G.H.W. Bush.
There are a few people on the top of the ladder that need interrogating. Since torture is okay with this administration it should be welcomed. Start waterboarding. If that doesn’t get results start pulling off fingernails. If any of them are tough enough to resist, and i am sure they are not, off with their heads.


How about: we tortured, we killed, we terrorized and we destroyed. We had entire training courses for that too.


So, when does the word “Barbaric” apply? Hmm… the rich folks behead the disempowered. In Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, it was the other way around.


If Iran is scolding our president, we have really hit rock bottom.

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My Hounder Bounder and I stretch our legs about this time each evening. She gives me such sanity!


“… they all spawn from the likeness of G.H.W. Bush.”
I think you might want to go a little farther back and take a look at Allen Welsh Dulles.


I was sure someone would call me on this. You can depend on the sharpness of CD commenters. Thanks, and someone will go even further back, but we made the point.


actually, that was the French Revolution and it happened not just in a work of fiction. It was the empowered, not the dis-empowered, beheading the rich.

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I can think of 37 in this administration that could lose their heads and make this country and the whole world a better place to live.


Hi Blackbird13----Actually the world’s first Super Power was Iran ( Persia) and they learned that being a Super Power is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sadly, America hasn’t figured that out yet. : ) Instead of creating useless world wide wars, maybe the Trumps, Pompeos, Boltons and Abrams should read ancient history. : ) History does repeat itself in weird ways—and sometimes, per Mark Twain, it does rhyme. : )


Well, Saudi Arabia did not get a wink from Trump. Whether the US is pleased or not it is not Saudi Arabia’s concern as its mission and values have strong foundations. Iran has worked relentlessly to sow discord


Khashoggi’s case is taken seriously and is currently under investigation. So, your opinion is not needed in such a matter


Of course, Saudi Arabia would not allow Iran to dominate Yemen and damage the country.