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After Years of Backroom Secrecy, Public Will Finally Get to See Full TPP Text



Fast Track was probably the stupidest move the Congress made during this process. Now they're handicapped by their own idiotic need to single mindedly promote the interests of their slimy buddies in big business.


In this Orwellian epoch in which we live, the sign stating "Secret Deal Being Negotiated Here", makes me think of The Donald. Maybe a whole lot of folks need to hear "Your Fired."


Congress gets to spend the first 30 days of that time privately reviewing the documents and consulting with the administration.

Proposed edit: Congress gets to spend the first 30 days of that time privately reviewing the documents and consulting with the administration seventeen jillion lobbyists.


It wasn't stupid from their perspective, since bribery is now legal and most of those in power could give a damn about the peasants. From their perspective, it wasn't stupid at all. What they will need is talking points. So, the "liberals" (what exactly is a liberal?) will need talking points like how progressive this trade deal is relative to NAFTA, CAFTA, the bilateral trade agreements and the WTO (this deal is not really a trade deal, it is more similar to the WTO than NAFTA). The Obama administration fighting against anti-slavery amendments, the increased protectionism regarding intellectual property rights (especially with drugs), the strengthening of so called investor state disputes and making it virtually impossible to regulate financial capital and to reverse privatizations, that stuff you should ignore. The conservatives will just blather on about free markets (LOL!) and what not. Our democracy is toast.


Now that TPP is part of Harper's re-election platform, lets see how Canadians vote on October 19, seeing how they have more to lose from TPP than us yanks do.


They're not "handicapped." This put them right where they wanted to be. Now they can look at their alleged constituents and say, "Oh, I was against it, but what could I do?" (Then go back to counting their pallet load of shrink-wrapped $100s.)


unveiling of the TTP = Inverted totalitarianism = bombshell after the hoisting of the petard/sword of Damocles
why do I get the feeling that this is a bloated model of economy as instituting perpetual maximization of 'sacrifice zones'?


So are you saying TPP is available in Canada but the Americans can't read it until Nov. 7? How does that work? If it is true that it is in Canada as part of Harper's election platform, is that just in some kind of a summary form, such as "super good deal for all'? Otherwise, somebody's got to post a copy where we all can read it.


Given the state of the world at the moment, I'd suggest rephrasing to "Sword of Damascus" instead.


"Public Will Finally Get to See Full TPP Text"

Sudden, Unexplained Surge In Anti-Nausea Medication Sales.


Methinks Lori Wallach is putting a brave face on the situation. True, discussing and voting on TPP (and when do the other two, TIPP and TISA come through?) in election season is not what the Congresspeople want...but first, they can count on the media to put on a full court press of PR about how wonderful this is, and on the failure of many voters to pay attention--a Yes vote likely will come with string attached, strings leading to trunks full of money that will help with reelection. Then, for those who do sink as a result of voting Yes, I'd guess one or another of the corporations given emperor status by the agreement can find a nice little sinecure for them, that pays better than being in Congress without having to bother to show up or answer to the public.


Amazing what you can do if you can afford expensive law firms:

"90 percent of arbitration agreements ban class action lawsuits"


The corporate hacks in congress will bend over to serve their corporate masters. Giving corporations near absolute power. Secret law is tyranny.


after millenia of supression now finally even a kid can share what has been supressed for what ever reason



No matter how this TPP "deal" is rationalized or sold by Obama&Co and the others, the fact is it was "negotiated" in secret, written by corporate principles or lobbyists - those who will profit from the rules and terms. "Trade" is just the tip of the TPP iceberg and the world is the Titanic!

What is critical after the secrecy is FULL disclosure of WHO exactly "negotiated" and wrote the deal - and who, which groups, were excluded. Thise two pieces of of information will reveal much about this "deal", IMO.

The "Deceiver In Chief" and the other co-conspirators made damn sure there will be only a limited time to understand and criticise or comment, but thanks to the "Fast Track" mechanism public comment is meaningless! NO changes to the TPP are allowed under fast-track that was rammed-thru with collusion between Rep and Dem whores to big-money! IF this deal is so damn good why is the playing-field so tilted? Just sign away our rights and protections under the law (what little are even left!) if this trojan Horse for global corporate fascism is passed!





And now Hillary conveniently comes out against TPP? Any chance Bernie Sanders had something to do with that statement?

Hillary Ingested Shrooms Prior to Statement Opposing TPP


Pardon my sarcasm. Though many complain, like the previous poster, who like I have posted links to only have them ignored, can't help, but wonder how many of our fellow posters will read the information previously only completely public.


Just one more link to a article, perhaps the most important political one of the
day, CD hasn't yet published though it is certainly "breaking news." Maybe of a little bit of interest?



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