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After Years of Fearmongering Mythical Threat of Voter Fraud, GOP 'Silence Now Deafening' as Real Election Fraud Exposed in North Carolina


After Years of Fearmongering Mythical Threat of Voter Fraud, GOP 'Silence Now Deafening' as Real Election Fraud Exposed in North Carolina

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Republican Party and President Donald Trump have spent a lot of time issuing hysterical, racist, and evidence-free warnings about the prevalence of "voter fraud" in the U.S.


Hypocrisy, thy name is Republican.


As if this was not enough–my screen went black right after I downloded this:

Clearly, we need to fight back and this stolen election, you will note, eliminated mostly Black and Native voters.

Contact North Carolina GOP:

Phone: (919) 828-6423
Email: communications@ncgop.org

Media Requests: Jeff.hauser@ncgop.org

Mailing Address:
1506 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27605

Contact the so-called “Justice” Department and make sure they do their job which means justice for black and native folks too and not just the “just-us-white-racist-GOP”:


My note among phone calls:


Just so you know, we black and native folks know where the real fraud is being committed and that it is from your GOP in states such as North Carolina but also in North Dakota. We will not be silent on your obvious need and desire to steal elections any way you can and maintain racist GOP in power.

I am spreading this story around and encouraging others to take action—legal action.

Giovanna Lepore


When pointing out frudsters both side must remember three fingers from your hand are pointing back at you.


And there is actually a piece of legislation put forward by repubs in the NC GA that would put repubs in charge of elections during main election years. They have the gall to come forward with such an obvious piece of political crap. Republicans just ooze corruption.


As I recall, Joseph Goebbels advised first accusing your enemies of doing what you plan to do. Well played, Rs.


I was wondering if anyone else noticed that pattern of behavior on the part of the republicans. That being, everything they accuse other people of doing, the republicans are the ones actually doing it. Republicans are interested in law and order except when the republicans are the ones breaking laws and acting out of order.


At the level of foreign policy, all US Governments, Republican and Democrat, do this very thing. In fact I can not think of a single thing that the US Government has charged another with doing, that it does not do itself.

The lie is the foundation on which power is built. This is right out of Machiavelli.


I am so impressed that the Democrat Party is standing firm against voter fraud and refusing to sit Mark Harris as honest and free elections are the hallmark of integrity demanded in a real democracy. No doubt that paragon of virtue Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is leading the charge waving the banner of democracy and setting the example of how elections should be run with a special thanks to the convicted felon, supervisor of the elections board in Broward County and Debbie’s dedicated supporter Brenda Snipes. Integrity Rules!


The sad thing is that this is just the tip of the iceberg. This kind of stuff has been done in a lot of districts for a long time. And various phone and door-to-door voter-deception schemes are almost routine in black and other minority neighborhoods - yet they are never investigated…


It’s not “voter fraud”. “Voter fraud” is nonsensical term. The fraud is in those counting the votes, not casting the votes.

And Snipes has bene replaced by Gov. Scott with someone even worse.


Not really surprising because the GOP considers these voters second class citizens who should not be able to vote.


Vote counting, voter deception, voter-disqualification, fraud poll-relocation fraud, and polling place intimidation is far greater in the Republican Party than the Democratic Party. Virtually of the recent reported cases of these things are being done by republicans and target probable Democratic voters - particularly minorities.

To say “the Democrats are as bad” is totally detached from objective reality.


Dick Cheney was the most obvious one to me and so I consider it beginning with him but I’m sure the ploy has been around a long time. "Using (offense) as a deflective tactic to formulate a (defense). Or now the whole Trump regime acting out in a “Bizarro World” fashion. Everything backwards of normal.


“As if this was not enough-my screen went black right after I downloaded this:”

I’m thinking you’re computer has just had enough, and decided it’s out.
Thanks for the info.


A good cynic might conclude that the whole voting debacle is a tentacle of a national coup. The vote part was pushed as far as it could be in legislation, then by Citizens United buying further into it and then the bullying. That having run it’s course cheating as much as they can is now going on, and when that is stopped I think they will choke up the courts with never ending litigation rendering our government inoperable and the coup is on. This is just a part. Watch the markets, the military,etc.


Of course you are correct in your point although that does beg the issue - what matters are legitimate and honest elections across the board for the entire system and both parties, something sorely lacking in this country.


And what IS more hypocrisy is the fact that Pence and his fellow Bible Trumper, evangelical, Republicans who claim to be “good Christians” never say a word about the man they idolize being: A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR; A MAN THAT IS AN ADULTERER THAT CHEATS ON HIS WIVES; HANGS OUT WITH PORN STARS AND CONDONES THE MURDER OF KASHOGGI FOR $$$$$$!


We really must stop calling the Republican party the GOP.

GOF is much more appropriate.



Keeping the discussion in context, saying “the Democrats are bad” is objective reality.