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After Years of Fearmongering Mythical Threat of Voter Fraud, GOP 'Silence Now Deafening' as Real Election Fraud Exposed in North Carolina


Karl Rove’s basic approach was always to accuse his targets of outrageous behavior, with no regard for truth, just smears. Whether it was cover for his team doing the exact awful things he accused others of, or to attack an opponent’s greatest perceived strength, like Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, attacking John Kerry’s status as a “war hero,” or the “he loves terrorists” ads against multiple-amputee Max Cleland (in a US Senate election that was almost certainly stolen from Cleland through fraud, above and beyond the smears).

Before Rove, Lee Atwater used similar tactics (Atwater was manager for GHW Bush’s ugly campaigns, including the infamous “Willie Horton” ad against Dukakis).

Classic tactics, used for millennia by ugly manipulators and demagogues: Smear, distort, lie, publicly fling endless streams of crap at your opponents. Like Trump with his decade-long attacks on Obama’s citizenship, absolutely irrespective of zero evidence and actual fact.

The shitty thing is, beyond the ugliness and rank obvious duplicity, is that so many of us humans fall for such transparent bullying, smears and lies.


Chomsky nailed it when he said: “the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in the world.”

Or the way I would put it: the Republican Party, with very few exceptions, has become Trumps, Amerikan, Fascist, Party.


No argument here, but I note that, at the level of US electoral politics—which is the narrow focus of this article—Rs are the party of disenfranchisement; quite the opposite with Ds, who encourage everybody to vote (even the dead in Cook County IL and elsewhere).


Please see my reply to SuspiraD immediately above regarding the world’s second most dangerous organization.


Me thought they didest protest too much.


HAHAHAHAHAHHA. There were “Liberals” supporting Hillary Clinton, so they called themselves.

Both sides are hypocritical jokes. Run from the duopoly. Both sides are bought by the same people.


And let’s not (somehow) forget that the party never has any constructive legislation to benefit its rank-and-file voters; its sole reason for existence is to oppose any and all Democratic legislation. Period.


Were there people on this site accusing everyone not voting for Hillary Clinton, of being a woman hater, like the Democratic Underground was? I was told since I was voting for Bernie at the time, I hated women and even though I’m female, they insisted that didn’t matter and I hated women - a fascist tactic to dishonestly accuse someone of being something to get out of any intelligent debate on why they’re not voting for their candidate.

Hillary and her supporters were using Rove Tactics all the way. Trump was also smearingly fascist. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Never vote for the duopoly again.

Call out fascism when you see it. The DNC is still using it. They’re propping up journalist declaring anyone who doesn’t vote for their candidate as “racist.” I’m voting Green, that doesn’t equal racist, but in their fascist campaign that’s the dishonest accusation they spread for everyone not voting for their candidates now a days.


Just when we think that the Repugs can’t stoop any lower than CheneyCo, they “surprise” us with The Don.


Right you are. (I got booted out of DU for opposing Hillary’s nomination.)


That’s when I got booted from the DU too.


Reread the post never said Dems or repubs were worse just said their are fraudsters in both parties.


Correct, except actually it has been “all of the above” coup tentacles operating simultaneously for decades.

For example, military brutality has been escalating, both abroad and at home, for decades since Reagan began to “break the Vietnam syndrome” (of US citizens’ opposition to US war) by invading tiny Grenada. Bush I escalated in Panama and Iraq, setting the stage for Clinton Yugoslavia and then Bush II / Iraq II, launching global war. Mirrored domestically by the spread of SWAT teams; “gifts” of Pentagon military equipment to civilian police forces; use of kettling, flash-bombs, rubber bullets and toxic gases against protestors increasing since the 1999 WTO protests; escalating police murder of black citizens, etc.

Yes the next stage of military deployments at home and abroad will be another escalation, but it’s all been materially building for decades.

Similar trajectories can be scanned for other tentacles you cite in the national coup, such as election fraud, packing the courts, “freeing” money to pollute politics, manipulation of markets, etc.


Brenda Snipes has been convicted of a felony after being named Supervisor of Elections for Broward County by Jeb Bush, in 2004? Who knew?


I voted for Dr. Jill Stein. Does that mean she’s not really a woman?
FYI- I wouldn’t change my vote, anyway.


I think you are absolutely right. Taken in a larger context (New World Order) perhaps, the coup has been going on for a longer time. It’s like phase one, attack the world, phase two drag America along, kicking and screaming if need be.


This site was not nearly as bad as many others, including DU which i never participated in. Those kind of comments would appear here, just not as the predominant form of fake “discourse.” Also there was far less banning from this site, of voices that strayed from Democratic Party talking points.

i agree on principle with what you are saying. Certainly the Clintons (and the hyper-wealthy neoliberal planners they cynically front for in the Democratic Party) have proven themselves to compromise many basic standards of conduct, “justified” by their need to win to implement their agenda. Nonetheless i’d note that the center of actual election fraud in the US for the past few decades has been the Republican Party and their backers.


I don’t know where you’re getting she’s not a woman. I also voted for her. I stopped being a Democrat after Bernie conceded. The election corruption was too complete to ignore.


The " Bernie Bros " smear was amplified by sites like DU, Crooks & Liars, Daily Kos… you know, the usual suspects. Everyone though, really?
It started with an apparatchik who felt " it’s our turn ", supporting HillBillary. Seems like she’d support Nicki Haley over Sen. Sanders, as well.
So it goes…


Not only should there be a rerun of this election, but Mr. Harris should be banned from ever running for office again if it turns out this election fraud was his doing! A strong message must be sent to discourage trying to steal the democratic process any more.