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After Years of Fearmongering Mythical Threat of Voter Fraud, GOP 'Silence Now Deafening' as Real Election Fraud Exposed in North Carolina


Interesting point, you might be spot on, except the courts, how bottled up will they be when they own most of those also, I suspect many legal wins for them.


I got the same women BS during the election season, but was pretty easy to counter when I told them I planed to/and did vote for Stein.


Hi GANDOLF, yes, cheating is a very old tactic in elections. Way back in the early republic—a rumor went out that Jefferson had died. And as there was no twitter back then, it took a long time for people to to know that he was still alive. I think it took an equally long time for the farther west areas to know Lincoln was dead too.

And as for North Carolina : ) well one of their nicknames is Tar heel state and tar certainly stinks, but even better is their state motto: “Esse quam videri,” “to be rather than to seem.”
LOL well in this case it seems like “seeming’ was trying to get one over on.
being.” : )



This is just the wind up, watch the pitch!


It might be true that “⁦In a different time, [A Democratic] attorney general” wouldn’t be silent on this crime.

Whether she or he would do a goddamn thing of actual substance about it is an entirely other matter.


I got it by telling them I was voting for Stein, and after I voted for Stein, And when I got here and said I voted for Stein. I didn’t get it any less than when I was saying I was voting for Bernie before he conceded and I changed to Stein. It only waned in the last several months. I came to this site and there were Clinton supporters telling me that voting for Stein was my way of voting for Donald Trump as well as I hate women.

Actually I got that a whole lot when I came to this site. My old site was unfortunately the Democratic Underground. I’ve never seen it get as nasty as the 2016 election. I’d been there for at least 10 years. The whole site split. It was basically Liberals vs. Neocons. The liberals were bringing forth her record and the neocons were doing False accusations to anyone bringing up Hillary’s record. They also banned every one I knew not supporting Clinton and finally me. Never, not one single time, did these fascists answer to her record.


Yes! But why should the race be run again? Harris cheated, he’s disqualified. Just like in any other race, the runner-up is declared the winner outright. The race is not re-run. McCready should be certified now and sworn in on Jan 3.


Could be so I will try again. The second time I tried a blue screen with an ad smack in the middle with no way to get rid of it. But what I actually was referring to was the article which I was only able to catch a glimpse. Thanks for your information too, Brian.


She’s a felon then. How much time did she get and how did she get her old job back?
Nothing shocks me about Florida. What does shock me is vigilante convictions without a trial in 2018.


This is only a distraction, The real problem lies in every single journalist, every single American who is even remotely surprised about it.


From The Real News:


I’m not surprised about you’re old site, 2016 did a number on the Dem. party itself (IMO shame is wasn’t a full on demolition). I left my old site (RSN) because of the sheepdogs for the party and the lack of interaction between posters (3-12 hr. lag time waiting for post to be approved), and got tired of all of the arguments. There’s some of that here, but not as bad, and more people who aren’t fooled by the party.


Sorry to here about you’re tech problems, I thought you meant it was temporary when I posted.


It is known as FASCISM - something that the repugnican party are very, very good at. Anyone would think that senator McCarthy was still alive !


Then, according to your logic, Democrats are 3 times as guilty as the Repubs. In your dreams, and even then, only if you’ve been drinking Trump/Hannity/Limbaugh Kool Aid at bedtime.


This lifelong Democrat voted for Jill Stein rather than corrupt Hillary. I must hate women.


Unfortunately the same applies to the Democratic Party.


Election fraud is ongoing in every state. Every state.


The reference is the same as casting stones when living in glass houses.