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After Years of Fearmongering Mythical Threat of Voter Fraud, GOP 'Silence Now Deafening' as Real Election Fraud Exposed in North Carolina


Well it turns out that there was probably also election fraud involved in the Republican primary as well, so Harris should not even have been the Republican nominee, and if we truly believe in democracy and fair elections then his primary opponent (the current incumbent Congressman) should have the chance for a do-over.


I am regularly gob-smacked by how gullible people can be.
That’s why I have such little hope for humanity.
I wish I could be proven wrong.


I’m as cynical as you Mossonarock.

Fortunately, I am in my Silver / Golden years.

Won’t have to put up with it a great deal longer.


The Party of No reminds me as nothing so much as it does a person who farts in an elevator then looks at the person next to them as if they were the offending person. This is, however, a bit more of an indiscretion and weakens our nation way beyond the loss of one congressional seat. Send these criminals to Texass for sentencing. Maybe every undelivered vote would be a count against all concerned with four years per count. Oh wait, this transgression was intentional and a with prejudice for each count is in order.


I can only wonder how much this woman gained over the years because clearly she has been doing this for a while now. A nice little paycheck every two years has got to be a comfort.


Thread please, or is this just an opinion?


No, you and me are just actual progressives.


I quit the Dems, too, because of Bernie turning on his supporters (I foolishly had sent his campaign money) by supporting Hillary. I voted Jill Stein. I will not vote for Bernie in 2020, no matter what. Bernie is a Democratic Party puppet, imho.


Tim Canova, who ran against that Democratic Party and Clinton shill, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is suing in court to have the election of Schultz thrown out. Help him out with financial support.



You failed to say that Republicans are faaar worse (and muuuch more frequent) fraudsters than Democrats.


All those backing up a free market that has no morals are fraudsters.


Pusillanimous - spineless, cowardly, craven. Polecat - a European predator related to the weasel… Republicans surely deserve the old-time label of “pusillanimous polecats”. Maybe a weasel should be the Republican symbol, rather than the gentle, reliable, and family-oriented elephant.


This time they have been caught, but they’ve been stealing votes (and everything else) for over 3 decades now… The party of lies, fear, greed and hatred!