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AG Sessions Basically Endorsed the Worst of DHS' Harsh New Deportation Plan


AG Sessions Basically Endorsed the Worst of DHS' Harsh New Deportation Plan

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) approval of a sweeping new deportation guidelines last week, new reporting on Monday revealed that the aggressive plan has already been endorsed by the recently installed Attorney General Jeff Sessions.


The smug, tight-lipped, chin up expression on that rodent's face says it all. T-dump has chosen an egotistical sycophant who will march in lockstep to the emperor's delight, regardless of the Constitution, laws, legislation, or practice. The two will foment the largest civil unrest since the 1960's...and their attempts to quell the protesting masses will fill the prisons and detention centers, for which the taxpayers will pay dearly.

Insanity, inhumanity, insolence.


What an insult to rodents!!!


So which dem voted for this guy---Joe Manchin----he needs to face a strong primary challenge---and dem need to understand why they can't carry WV. And just understand it wouldn't surprise me if this guy gets elected and becomes a republican.

And the news media is all about saying how will democrats hold their seats in 2018--its time to elect real democrats--not the Clinton corporate democrats.
And if you notice the media try to separate Trump from the republicans---even though Trump is pushing a far right agenda-

This pick really confirms who Trump is----and it ain't gonna be pretty


"[I]f you come to the United States illegally, you will be removed,": Miller should set the example and go back to his ancestors' land somewhere in Europe.


The Democrat that voted for Sessions needs to face something stronger than a primary challenge...more like, a baseball bat or a firing squad.

Sessions is a confirmed racist. How, in America can a White Supremacist be elevated this way?


Right about the smug arrogance - Jeffie and Don both like to model Mussolini.


Watch out for Stephen Miller, evidently, the one behind Trump's evil plan to inflict severe cruelty on millions of human beings across America. I know Wikipedia is not always accurate, but Stephen Miller's Wikipedia web page does provide some insight into who Stephen Miller is.


One good thing about Sessions being the A.G.....wait! I cannot think of anything!


"hire thousands of additional enforcement agents..." This must be that small government that Republicans talk about.


Wow! Raised by Jewish parents, he then joins an anti-semitic organization. Mom and Dad must be SO proud. Oh, and he served as Press Secretary for Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN). Say no more. I'm from MN. For a good laugh, Google some of her quotes!


The "severe cruelty on millions of human beings across America" started when they came to this country in an improper way... Illegally. I'm not questioning the motives of most of these folks, but there is a right and wrong way to do things. Most Americans don't think about what could happen to them by crossing another country's border illegally, but I assure you that in most cases it would NOT be a positive experience. Few of these people have been classified as refugees, so that distinction can seldom be used, at least in legal terms... There are always consequences for actions, the Obama administration just didn't see the need to bother with the little details about protecting our sovereign nation.


Which anti-semitic organization is that?


Manchin will win a primary easily and come out the other side stronger. I'm not saying not to primary him, just noting that, from what I've read, he's pretty solid in WV. His vote on Sessions was terrible but his vote on expanding Social Security--something he supports--might be great if we get the opportunity to push a bill forward. FDR and LBJ worked with people we'd be voting third party over here at CD. Would things have been better if Dems accepted they were bad and lost?


So what happened to the federal hiring freeze??? I didn't see exclusions for goons, but I guess it was there somewhere.


I think you are not going back far enough in your history, nor broadly enough. America's history is one of massive floods of immigrants escaping untenable economic or social conditions in their homelands, seizing whatever they could over here regardless of the rights of others, and bullying each other. Immigration laws have been established along xenophobic or racist lines by those in power. For a better understanding of our immigration laws, I suggest a read. Basically, folks from central America have to surmount HUGE obstacles, but those from Japan are welcomed with open arms (and Europe). There's more to it than "you're here legally, you're not." https://www.uscis.gov/laws


My apology. I misread the Wikipedia article. It was an associate of his. "Spencer would later become an important figure in the alt-right movement and president of the anti-Semitic and white supremacist National Policy Institute."


Your view of history and the Bible is myopic. Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.
The severe cruelty on millions started when they arrived in this country "illegally". As if ones illegal or legal status is an excuse for such behavior. Tell that to the thousands of inhumanly treated slaves brought to this country, torn away from their homelands.

And the need to bother with the little details about protecting our sovereign nation. Tell that to our Natve Americans. Tell that to the Iraqis. Tell that to the Vietnamese. Tell that to the Mexicans. And so on and so forth. The US govt/Wall Street/big business are the big bullies on the block and forgot about caring for the most unfortunate and frailest among us.
The US biggest industry is selling weapons of death around the world and raping the lands for cheap labor and raw materials.
The illegals here are for the most part good family people, hard working and kind.
The government needs people to fight each other in the streets to take your eyes off the real culprits.


And one would think that the republicans who supported Sessions would be held to account -for example Susan Collins of Maine???????And if people remember it was Collins who insisted on all kinds of changes to the ACA( Obama and his stupid bi partisanship crap)and then didn't vote for it -the same for Snow. What about this CD she is in your backyard??????? Why do democrats let these people slide??????


My view of history is not myopic and why bother bringing religion into this? Our Native Americans are a bold exception to this situation, my great grandfather was full blooded American Indian. They were raped, plundered, pillaged, and forced into land prisons. There is no making up for that, this country was their before it was ours...

As I said, I am not questioning the motives of those looking for a better life. However, immigration in decades long past is much different than in recent years. A very large percentage of these people that have recently come here, and to Germany, France, and Sweden, are "economic migrants", not nearly as many are refugees escaping religious persecution or war.

In case you haven't read the stats, many people who come here as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and refugees (you can call it what you please), are still drawing welfare 20 years after their arrival. Many of these people do not choose to integrate, they only choose to leach off of the welfare system and bend our Constitution to make it sound like they are being mistreated, and then they demand rights that are then denied actual citizens. Years ago, an immigrant came to work hard, make a life for themselves and their families and call themselves "Americans". This is not happening in the same way now.

As citizens, most often we cannot control actions of our government, even though we see that it is creating a damaging consequence (as in the last 8 years of wars and regime changes initiated by Obama and Clinton). However, that does not mean we can't help some people... we will never be able to help all. We destroy the ability to help ourselves by allowing our country to be overwhelmed by refugees and illegal immigrants.

I also ask you to observe the 70% figure of the detained migrants in recent raids who had criminal backgrounds, and l also would like to know... How would you like it if your social security number was stolen and used by illegal immigrant? Your credit wrecked and your medical information tainted? These are all facts of the problem of these immigrants who do not follow the law, like it or not.

Becoming a legal immigrant citizen of the U.S. is a privilege, not a right. We cannot allow people, most of whom have no background due the state of their country, to come in without proper evaluation. If that means resettlement for them somewhere closer to home, somewhere more in line with their culture and values, where it would be more beneficial to them and to us... what is the harm in making that arrangement, as Trump is trying to do? Immigrants with conflicting cultural and moral views must be evaluated closely, whether they are Mexican, Syrian, Asian, or European... We have to be able to protect our citizens and without strict borders and LAWFUL means to enter, that cannot happen. If you wish to be one of the many, certainly not the first, victims of a situation like that, then that is by all means your choice.

The rest of us, who would like to see jobs for our legal citizens, people getting off of tax-draining welfare and other social programs, and equality based on merit, not color of skin, will continue to work for that... not the leftist version of financial handouts for votes and university brainwashing. The true "people" of this nation, are not looking to deprive or harm anyone, we are looking for a conversation in reason, something that the left seems to have abandoned. The conservatives are not predominantly the ones rioting in the street and destroying other peoples' property because they feel that they have been wronged.

The people as a whole have been wronged for the last sixteen years or so, and I want to see change that benefits all, not just one party or the other. I have played both sides of the fence, voted for Obama, and was disappointed. Now it's time to try another route, because I will never vote to have my 2nd Amendment rights taken from me.