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AG William Barr to Testify Before House Judiciary Committee... in Six Weeks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/ag-william-barr-testify-house-judiciary-committee-six-weeks

Unless Barr is on a prepaid six week vacation out of country he should be in front of a House committee tomorrow.

Half a dozen murders in Dallas in the sixties. What’s different today?


yeah, this smells bad. it’s a cheat for sure, we just don’t know the sordid details yet.


Subpoena the relevant documents to be brought along.


Geez Pony, he’s already in contempt of congress, do we double damn dare him to have two unanswered contempt charges?
I think we have reached a point where we had better find out if our generals are Smedley Butlers, or if they are Michael Flynns.
Trump has most other positions filled with henchmen, he only needs the military to draw to a full house.
And it’s the right - wing citizens that have the rest of the guns.
And will these despicable repug senators go all the way.


Don’t go scaring the children by saying “they” have all the guns.

Believe me, they do not.

We the People just allowed 52 Republican Senators to speak for all 330 million of us by allowing a criminal politician to remain in office along with probably hundreds of willing co-conspirators that aided and abetted the numerous crimes that have been committed of the course of the last 3 years.

I am reluctant to say this but at this time in this country, I find many Americans to be too much of a coward to demand anything from this rapidly more authoritarian administration.

I can only imagine how disappointed the youth of this country is in all of us for allowing this corruption to progress as we have.

They deserve better.

Teach your children better than to ever, and I mean ever, trust any Federal Government politician from either the Democrat, or Republican parties.

They do not have the interests of the masses first.

There is only one Independent worth his salt right now, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Bernie will have to be an Energizer Bunny to put Humpty America back together again in eight short years.
We have already lost to the republican machine. Even out of power they can live high on legacy corruption that they have put in their banks.

A political corruption department would certainly be called for and supported by an overwhelming majority of Americans, but very few Democrats or Republicans.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see G.