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Again Finding US Permit Invalid, Federal Court Upholds Block on 'Climate-Busting' Keystone XL Construction

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/12/again-finding-us-permit-invalid-federal-court-upholds-block-climate-busting-keystone

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If the courts are working so good we need to have rogue presidents tried THERE, not in the senate. At least not in the senate with the way partisan politics is paramount with the republican party. There is no justice there.
We need to trash the constitution and capitalism and start over. More intelligently, and less greedy.

The ruling is a good start, now how about treating these corporations like the “people” they claim to be. A person building without the proper permits would be required to dig up every foot of pipe put down illegally at their expense and repair the enviroment. How about it Judge?


Hi ReconFire:
That is a wonderful idea! : ) Besides I read that the "corporations are people too, " was NOT written by an actual Supreme Court Justice---- but written in the margin of the case…so WHY isn’t this whole idea thrown out as it was based on a clerks comment?