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Against Growing Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right, Massive Marches in Poland

Against Growing Authoritarian Threat of Far-Right, Massive Marches in Poland

Jon Queally, staff writer

Thousands of citizens marched through city streets across Poland on Saturday to protest the right-wing government's encroaching authoritarianism, including a new plan to enact sweeping surveillance measures.

What do the Poles know that we don’t ?
Of course, we did hit the streets back when Hillary’s husband was promoting his WTO agenda. And we hit the streets again when cheney was spreading his transparent propaganda in the run up to his wet dream of invading Iraq. We allowed the fascist police state to enclose protesters in “free speech zones.”
Maybe that was all it took.


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Haha. I’m afraid you are just too communist for me max. peace. :slight_smile:

Do you really know what is going on in Poland? Where did you find all of these information? I will write you few facts and we can discuss about them: (1) The last year in Poland there were two democratic elections. In the first the winner, current President Andrzej Duda, received 51.33% votes. In the second one the Law and Justice collected 37.58% of votes, getting majority (more than 50% representatives), the first time ever in the history of the Polish Parliament . (2) Such situation was possible after 8 years of government formed by the current current opposition - Civic Party (24.09% of votes). That time was full of corruption (proved by recorded conversations). 6 years ago 4/10/2010 there was a crash of the president’s airplane in Russia, in which 101 people died (President, his wife and most important politicians form the Law and Justice). The Civic Party (current opposition) during the last 6 years did not conduct solid investigation, what really happened that day. There are no solid research done by experts and the wreck is still in Russia. During previous 8 years in Poland there was the most intensive invigilation of citizens in the history in Poland and the European Union (only in 2014, the government agencies quote for phone billings, phone and text tapping, etc. (2,144,000 times in 37,000,000 population country). The result of the regional assemblies in 2014 was also incredible: Polish People’s Party got 23.88% (in 2015 in the next elections they got 5.1% and this is typical representation for this party for the last 20 years), 17.77% (sic!) of votes have been indicated as void (in Western countries more than 4% of voided votes are considered as a serious problem, followed by serious investigation explaining this situation, but not in Poland). These are just a few examples about the Polish reality during the period 2007-2015. (3) The new government (Law and Justice) decided to make some changes: they taxed banks, insurance companies and the biggest shopping malls. It is hard to believe, but due to the law regulations introduced by people connected with the previous government, this group of companies did not pay taxes in Poland. Most of this money as benefits were transferred to other countrise mostly to Germany. Poland is in the group of 20 countries, the most drained out of money by world-scale companies and the only one in the European Union. In addition, the previous government allowed to overtake more than 80% of media market in Poland (newspapers, journals, TV, internet portals) by German companies. What do you think, which side in conflict situation they will represent Polish or German? (4) The previous party tried to overtake the Constitutional Tribunal: after their proposition 14 out of 15 judges were nominated by the Civic Party. According to them only 5 judges could adjudicate legacy of the government law regulations. What do you think, how they would judge the law acts established by the current government? Because the previous nomination (by the Civic Party) was partially illegal (confirmed by the Constitutional Tribunal) the Law and Justice decided to cancel the previous nominations and now we have 6 judges nominated by the current government (Law and Justice) and 9 by the previous (Civic Party). Which situation is more pluralistic? (5) Coming back to the Committee for the Defence of Democracy: they do not defend the democracy. They defend their lost benefits in banks, media, government, etc. When you will look at these demonstrations, there are most of individuals, who had material benefits when the Civic Party governed. Poles perfectly know what means freedom and democracy. In the twentieth century Poland was one of the most fighting country to get the democracy. In 1918 Poles got back their own country (after 123 years partitioning period), after 20 years of establishing the country, in 1939 Germany hit Poland starting the II World War (as an effect they killed more than 6,000,000 Poles being about 20% of the population). From 1945 Poland was under the Soviet Union influence and they got back a freedom in 1989. For sure currently this freedom is not in dangerous situation at all. (6) The last question is: why the current situation in Poland became “international”? Due three facts: the first is mentioned above, that more than 80% of "Polish"media are owned by German companies; the second, that in Germany they wanted to cover problems with immigrants, where their media, pushed by German government (such situation is impossible in Poland), did not inform about sexual assaults problem; the third is that due to recent law regulations western companies (mostly German) will start to pay taxes in Poland… I hope presented facts clear more the situation in Poland.
Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

There is a large piece of governmental propaganda pasted in comments section above. Please be aware that PIS party in Poland uses interactive marketing companies and pays them to flood internet with their agenda and propaganda. There are at least few hundred employees (mostly students) payed for scanning internet, posting comments and disliking/liking appropriate content, they have also created apps to automate that tasks for them. Example of this is above. Internet debate in Poland is mostly controlled by these payed legions of trolls, they are also used abroad. Some references: in English - ttp://www.polishforums.com/news/poland-confessions-paid-hater-troll-76974/ | you can use Google translate for another example article from polish daily paper (it’s in Polish unfortunately): ttp://www.polskatimes.pl/artykul/8866523,prawo-i-sprawiedliwosc-kroluje-w-polskim-internecie-pomaga-w-tym-zdyscyplinowana-armia-trolli,id,t.html

Thank you for writing this. I am Polish and I confirm, that this is what is currently happening in Poland. Thank you for posting the truth!

Jabba, missed :). I have emigrated from Poland couple years ago and I do not need to get any money for writing any posts at all:). I am doing this, due to disgusting behavior of Polish politicians from the Civic Platform and the Polish People’s Party who lost their position and influence recently. Indeed I heard that politicians hired 50 internet haters, but it was Civic Party and not now but one year ago :).
Coming back to my post, I wrote 6 points there, but I can not see any answer related to them. Instead of ridiculous accusations, could you please force your mind and write something to make this discussion more argumentative? The last week in the EU Parliament, there was a debate about the democracy in Poland…Most of world’s professional journalists and politicians were surprised with competency of the current Prime Minister Beata Szydlo and its lack in case of her opponents, not only from Poland but also from other countries :). Please type in youtube the phrase “POLAND’16 - Max Kolonko Mówi Jak Jest” (English subtitles), There is great explanation what is going on in Poland currently :).