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Against Trump, Clinton Should Resist the Temptation of Triangulation


Against Trump, Clinton Should Resist the Temptation of Triangulation

Katrina vanden Heuvel

Like a taco bowl from Trump Tower Grill, the Republican Party is being devoured by a demagogue. Now that Donald Trump has wiped out the last of his primary opponents, Republicans find themselves in the awkward position of being expected to take a stance on a presumptive nominee whom many of them despise.


Gee, what if there were a candidate who stayed focused on an honest message. Oh wait, there is one. Bye, bye Hillary.


Oh what a bunch of drivel. Hillary "pivoting to the middle?" Hillary Clinton simply IS a right-wing person in most respects, despite her occasional disingenuous rhetoric for the purpose of hoodwinking certain voters. That is her biggest problem already. The clearer who she really is becomes, the more voters she will likely lose among true Democrats and progressives. If anything has been demonstrated during this primary election cycle, it is that what is going on now is no longer limited simply to the business-as-usual chess match between corrupt parties and corrupt candidates. It's going to be fascinating to see how the whole thing plays out (including the rest of the primaries, for starters) but I doubt that a big component of a general election in which Hillary might be the Democratic candidate will be her successfully wooing voters who are fed up with Establishment politics!


Not a chance in hell I'll vote for that violent megalomaniac. :construction:

a person who is obsessed with their own power.
adjective: megalomaniac
exhibiting megalomania.


"She can move the center to the left." Ha, ha, that's funny!

This column is satire, right?


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"...Clinton will need to inspire a movement..."?
There is a movement now and no one is doing more than Hillary to see that it does not succeed.


Seeing how Jeb's financiers, the Kochs and other fascists are lining up to help finance her campaign, Clinton HAS "inspired a movement" of more corporate money in her direction.


I watched a very enthusiastic Bernie rally last night in Sacramento (17k to 21k depending on who was doing the estimating.) I wonder what that crowds' reaction would have been if Katrina read this column to them, instead of reading it to Jeff Bezos at the Washington Post? I struggled to get through the piece, but somehow I am not surprised, after her endorsment, she did little,that I am aware of, to boost the Sanders' campaign. Katrina, I will not vote for this lady:

I have posted this several times, as have others, but I will continue doing so, this tells more about who Clinton is than volumes of political analysis. This lady is in her seventh decade, anyone who thinks she is going to move one way or another is delusional, she is a Third Way neoliberal and neoconservative.


This is not the usual liberal vs conservative contest for president. So moving toward the center doesn't even make that much political sense this time around. It seems to be that this race, assuming these are the nominees which is not at this point certain, will largely involve identity politics. Trump has insulted Hispanics, Muslims, African Americans, and women. So I think Clinton's campaign will probably be focused on getting these groups to turnout for the election. How to triangulate with Trump running would seem to be difficult to figure out and probably would not do much good. This contest seems to be about bringing everyone together as one country (Clinton) against the us vs them view (Trump). Do we want to continue multiculturalism or dial back the clock to a dominant white society? That would seem to be what this election will be about. Of course front and center will be Trump's lack of experience in government, penchant for lying, ignorance, insults, etc. Can someone who lacks any presidential qualities be elected president?


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Hillary, just like Bill, moves left and right with ease as needed to pander to whoever's vote or money they are trying to get.
In view of her track record we already know that Clinton will tell us what we want to hear between now and November, and we also know that she will sell us down the River after January 20, 2017.


At first I wondered if this was a piece Katrina wrote for The Onion, but upon further examination I discover that it was for WaPo and it all came clear.
Katrina is triangulating in order fit in with the establishment crowd in DC. (Many of whom probably went to the same snooty academies and were part of the "junior league, polo, and debutante ball" crowd that formed Katrina's world view on, well, just about everything).
There now Katrina, go munch on your truffles and pate foie gras. In just a few more months this dreadful political season will be over and you can get back to more serious stuff.


Right about now you will all learn which of the Journalists that have had articles carried here as the primaries ongoing were sincere in their desire to see change inside of the Democratic party and how many of them were using that language just to draw the people into Hilary's web.

I expect more and more that appeared to be Sanders supporters and applauding his vision of change will now shift focus into telling people why they have to vote Hillary now and why their work to move the party to the left is done and will be carried out under her leadership.


From stock cars to horses, lots of Americans have been trained to FIXATE on the race.

What hits me the most is how fraudulent this whole process is.

So many focus on polls or hear the mantra that Hillary has it all tied up--which means that the only seeming alternative to American dynasty (in the form of a Clinton or a Bush) is the Boy Wonder narcissist billionaire, Trump.

But the problem is really the way The SYSTEM and its systemic deceptions render the entire expensive contest a total fraud.

The patchwork that is America has massive discrepancies in all of the following:

  1. Who is allowed to vote in primaries
  2. Relative incarceration penalties for the same crime
  3. Salaries (and reciprocal costs of living)
  4. Whether marijuana is sanctified (and legalized) or used to turn decent people into felons

Between the Press Corps showing fealty to the Clinton Dynasty in their endless recitations of how Hillary will win (along with the many ways that they discredit Sanders, try to make his successes invisible, and very often misrepresent his wise positions and policy incentives); the way voting shut out so many independents (the largest voting bloc); and the ridiculously disproportionate amount of Press Coverage given to Trump....

It's just a ridiculous charade.

When writers bypass all of these should-be illegal shenanigans to reinforce the MSM Talking Point that Hillary is the "presumptive presidential nominee," they essentially normalize these systemic frauds.

EVERY pundit who cares about this nation should be actively challenging, if not protesting, the GAMES and FOUL PLAY that have reinforced the dark prophecy--to turn it into a self-fulfilling prophecy--that Hillary is the one destined for the throne.

I really hope that Bernie makes a KILLING in California (and that the numbers are not adulterated or independents kept from voting).

Then, let's see if the super-delegates and the U.S. Press corps can keep the con going as per Hillary.

Possibly Trump gets all the air time to keep the focus OFF the greater battle that's underway between the old school representatives of the 1% and Sanders' demand for a more genuine representative Democracy.


Bravo, Siouxrose. Well done!


Thank you. Few could argue that far more than "business as usual" is at stake in this election. Obama turned the clock back on the KIND of Progress decent human beings thought would occur on his watch. Now the world is 8 years more into surveillance, a hegemonic takeover by corporations, increased poverty, vaster and more climatic earth changes, and the horrors of spreading wars.

Who could argue for a continuation of this UNGODLY agenda? (Besides Hillary and her fan base.)


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"As forces in both major parties have begun to mobilize against a Trump presidency, a new national poll out Tuesday reveals the most surefire way to derail the GOP frontrunner: Nominate Bernie Sanders.

The NBC News/SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll found that if the 2016 presidential election were held today, 53 to 40 percent of voters would elect Sanders over Donald Trump—which is more than double the margin that Hillary Clinton holds over the presumptive Republican nominee.

According to the survey, which was conducted online from May 2 through May 8, the former secretary of state also leads Trump, but with a far smaller margin: 49 to 44 percent, with an error estimate of plus or minus 1.3 percentage points."