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Against Warren or Sanders, 2020 Looks Like 'A Lot of Losing' for Trump


Against Warren or Sanders, 2020 Looks Like 'A Lot of Losing' for Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

A new survey published by Public Policy Polling (PPP) on Tuesday finds that in hypothetical match-ups against possible 2020 presidential contenders—including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and former Vice President Joe Biden—President Donald Trump loses every time, and by substantial margins.

The poll (pdf) found:


Please not foot-in-the-mouth Biden. Sanders should run w/Warren as his running mate. With any luck they’d change the country – for the better. Both will fill the cabinet with progressive voices ie, no more Goldman Sachs running the government.

Voters are still looking for someone that is anti-establishment and Bernie is about as close as anyone that can win, can get.


As would Jill Stein


Polls don’t matter. Actual people voting do. Give people a reason to vote… Run a truly progressive candidate, not Joe Biiden.


Well, this tells us a few things…

Establishment democrats put us in the mess by anointing HRC last year

My cat would win against Trump

People are really ignorant many times - Biden and Booker?


A lot is going to happen between now and 2020. George W. Bush was a national joke on Sept. 10, 2001.

We need to organize, and stop dreaming of saviors.


This is a nice diversion from serious stuff. Who would win 74-year-old Donald Trump or 78-year-old Bernie Sanders? Will Trump start a major war before the this contest of a fascist versus a socialist? And what is Andrew Cuomo thinking about all this. People seem to forget that in general registered Democrats like establishment Democratic politicians. Why that is I don’t know but the results of many primaries show this. So maybe it will be 74-year-old Donald Trump against 77-year-old Joe Biden. That might be worth watching. And who still believes in presidential polls? According to the PPP polls last year Hillary Clinton would defeat Donald Trump and become president.


yeah but, only 17% of “Americans” are actually progressive …


Words out (read the latest at The Intercept)! The george w neocons are closing in on the vacuous Dem party. Seems, a “civil war” between the 2 neocon camps of billionaires is about to break wide open and split the duopoly as “their” own fiefdom - no more smoke and mirrors as between the Bush crime family and the Dem corporatists of the Clinton gang of “centrist” corporate hawks.

Yes, totally awesome. We love you Bernie - and Mrs Warren, looks like you’re trying to connect with We the People. too! Great! I’m concerned, though. Remember Obama and the intransigent repubs for 6 of the 8 years - nothing of consequence, just war and more war - and the corporatization of our healthcare system - very much better than nothing, as had gone before - but woefully - a giveaway to corporations - right out of our taxed wages to the “its” coffers - for doing no work other than being brokers for profit, on We the People’s need for medical help.

On the bright side, if Mother planet doesn’t burn-up, then we get a follow-up of torrential rains with flooding (as here in Arizona right now), then not okay! But, perhaps a couple of super “Kartrinas”, such that humans have never seen before, happens between now and 2020 - not okay! Absolutely no help will come from the current Oval Office occupiers, but scams to make money off of our suffering! Sanders and Warren will have to clean-up this efin’ mess! CAN WE DO THIS PEOPLE?

I say yes, we can do this. We can make it through the possible horrific carnage that fate will throw at us - that the savage corporations (the “its”) will have left behind. And, by god, the “its” are by no means through with “their” mission - to monetize misery into profits for “its selves”. Go Bernie. Go Nina. Go Jill. Go Ajamu. Go Keith. Mrs, Warren? And that billionaire? We will watch his corporate arse like a hawk.


Add a Universal (Unconditional) Basic Income to the ticket before Republicans do:



I think you are proving his point. Care to cite that statistic?


Political positions of the three:

Biden: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_positions_of_Joe_Biden

Warren: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_positions_of_Elizabeth_Warren

Sanders: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Political_positions_of_Bernie_Sanders


I’m guessing the GOP’s would rot in hell before having an unconditional income. Good idea though.


Last I heard Biden was going senile. Remember Reagan anyone? He conveniently forgot about a lot of the shenanigans going on in his office. Iran/Contra for one.


Though he’s rightfully rotting in hell, Dick Nixon proposed a guaranteed annual income.


So what is next? The next quadrennial presidential extravaganza starting before current extravaganza has ended?

People, quit your longings for a Great Messiah! Stop sitting around like Beckett’s two homeless bums waiting for Godot! Instead organize right where you are with the people you are near, and now - not 3 years from now…


I think my cat also would stand a good chance these days.


Its bipartisan:


Nixon these days would be considered a centrist Democrat. And corrupt as ever; which makes him fit right in!


Sanders and Biden will quite likely be too old for the campaign gauntlet, and the others mentioned are not ready for the Presidency or would be perceived as such by voters. Hillary may just be burned out. So where is the Democratic leadership going to come from, now and three years from now? We need a “Sanders” in a 50-year old body (of any race and gender).