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'Age of Burn What You Like' is Over: UN Makes Landmark Call for Divestment


'Age of Burn What You Like' is Over: UN Makes Landmark Call for Divestment

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


Too little, too late. It was nice knowing you. (well,… most of you.)


And the UN has the power to do what, exactly? Nothing the U.S. doesn’t want it to do. Point being, until there is not a drop or chunk of fossil fuel left in the ground, or until the U.S. Empire collapses, nothing will stop the extraction and use of fossil fuels. There is too much money in it for the Corporate Super Power. Instead of wasting our energy attempting to create a global divestment movement, we should be attempting to create a true social revolution in the U.S. which will depose the Corporatocracy. No other action will make any substantive difference to the future of our planet.


Right now, I am listening to a webinar from Ambit Energy… My sister really pushed for me to become a consultant… I was not even going to consider it, but I did go to her meeting to support her… so… while there, the person running it, did come out and say that they are trying to do some “programs” with solar/renewables… so, I went to another meeting, because she said that the person running that one, knew more about that… so that person… gave me some info… they are putting together something… with Sun Run… 'but you can’t say anything yet… because it isn’t there yet… So, here on this webniar… they are talking a lot about how much money you can make… there is another, in person meeting on tues… so, I’ll have to ask the following…

  1. Does Ambit have goals of becoming a Renewable energy company in the near future… are they working toward, a large percentage of the energy supply that they generate, coming from renewable…?.. like I don’t know 80%?..
    2.what is that time line…
    3 The original meeting the person said they are setting up a program for consultants to have their own solar panels… that is what got me listening, HOWEVER… I am only giving my time because of my sister…
    If I do not get the answers that I want… I will have to get out… I do not want to make money off oil gas and coal… I can’t be going to my green party meetings… and we are currently discussing how we will deal with the Oil bomb trains passing through our area… and be making money off oil… it is bad enough I have to drive a car… my sister, will not be understanding if I get out… but… I tried to tell her… .I didn’t think this was for me… we will see.
    In other words… is the “going renewable” talk, just talk…or is it real…


“Leave It In The Ground”

Ladies and gentlemen, I have the answer! Incredible as it might seem, I have stumbled across the single technology which will save us from runaway climate change! From the goodness of my heart I offer it to you for free. No patents, no small print, no hidden clauses. Already this technology, a radical new kind of carbon capture and storage, is causing a stir among scientists. It is cheap, it is efficient and it can be deployed straight away. It is called … leaving fossil fuels in the ground.

The well known UK environmental activist wrote this in 2007. If it is out of the ground it will be used.

Leave It In The Ground
The climate talks are a stitch-up, as no one is talking about supply.

And here is an article withing the last week where he again makes the point that the international discussions are about CO2, but not about leaving it in the ground

If you visit the website of the UN body that oversees the world’s climate negotiations(1), you will find dozens of pictures, taken across 20 years, of people clapping. These photos should be of interest to anthropologists and psychologists. For they show hundreds of intelligent, educated, well-paid and elegantly-dressed people wasting their lives.

The celebratory nature of the images testifies to the world of make-believe these people inhabit. They are surrounded by objectives, principles, commitments, instruments and protocols, which create a reassuring phantasm of progress while the ship on which they travel slowly founders. Leafing through these photos, I imagine I can almost hear what the delegates are saying through their expensive dentistry. “Darling you’ve re-arranged the deckchairs beautifully. It’s a breakthrough! We’ll have to invent a mechanism for holding them in place, as the deck has developed a bit of a tilt, but we’ll do that at the next conference.”

This process is futile because they have addressed the problem only from one end, and it happens to be the wrong end. They have sought to prevent climate breakdown by limiting the amount of greenhouse gases that are released; in other words, by constraining the consumption of fossil fuels. But, throughout the 23 years since the world’s governments decided to begin this process, the delegates have uttered not one coherent word about constraining production.

Applauding Themselves to Death
Why the UN climate talks have wasted 23 years, and how this can change.enter link description here


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[Applauding Themselves to Death
Why the UN climate talks have wasted 23 years, and how this can change.enter link description here]1


Hopefully we can pester our “representatives” till they get the USA involved in this. What we’ll probably get is a line from Dubya Bush: “We don’t want our people drug into it.”


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Applauding Themselves to Death

Author is George Monbiot and article was published in The Guardian on March 10, 2015


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