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'Age Old Divide and Conquer Tactics': Union Leader Sara Nelson Rips Buttigieg Comments on Healthcare

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/age-old-divide-and-conquer-tactics-union-leader-sara-nelson-rips-buttigieg-comments

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From the article:

“If you believe in Labor then you’d understand an injury to one is an injury to all.”
–Union leader Sara Nelson

It’s gratifying to hear someone quoting an IWW slogan that’s more than a century old–and it would have been even more gratifying had she given it proper attribution.

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Basically Mayor Pete is trying to protect the Profiteers in the Private Insurance Industry and at the same time Protect the Donations/Bribes he is getting from those Businessmen who are making a fortune charging Consumers exorbitant prices for Policies that have Sky High Deductibles.

It is apparent that Mayor Pete is already a Puppet for the Lobbyists that have been Bribing our Legislators for years to make sure that they are allowed to continue Bankrupting people who are straddled with Medical Bills because the Insurance Companies denied coverage for Hospital Stays and Numerous procedures.

Union Workers are at the Mercy of their Employer and as was the case with GM, when workers went on Strike for better conditions, the first thing GM did was to cancel their Health Care Insurance.

With Medicare For All, we no longer need to rely on our Job for Health Care Insurance and it could mean an increase in Wages since the Employer is no longer burdened with this Costly Expense unrelated to their Business.

This is what happens when Candidates start taking money from Large Corporations, they expect you to help them to continue cheating the Public.

Mayor Pete you turned out to be a fraud and a phony who cares more about filling his campaign Coffers than actually Representing We The People.



Something the article and commenters so far have not addressed is that when a large portion of employees sign on to M4ALL, the pool for those wanting to keep insurance company healthcare coverage will shrink, forcing higher premiums for the die hard insurance co. lovers.

This all started when The Culinary workers Union leadership in Nevada attacked Bernie. It has Harry Reid’s fingerprints all over it. Remember in 2016 when the previously neutral Reid made a call to his Contacts in hotel & Restaurant Industry and had hundreds of unregistered voters storm the Nevada Caucus and secure it for Hillary. The Jimmy Dore Show was there and posted a video on the Nevada events.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and Bernie’s failure (sorry, it’s true) to explicitly, carefully, systematically, persuasively (charts, diagrams, ads, revenue sources with real numbers, costs with real numbers) describe how M4A will work has allowed everyone else to define and describe his damned plan. I love his plan, but without the specificity required to dispel ignorant doubts and what if’s, he will not be able to survive the attacks and doubts. The same goes for his socialist self-description. Again, a media campaign that illustrates just what that means and how it looks is absolutely essential to his survival. Millions of Americans don’t get it, don’t understand, and will continue to be manipulated unless and until Bernie truly teaches them. It goes without saying that this can’t be done in one minute soundbytes on a debate stage–where most questions are often accusations or thinly veiled attacks. It will take more than that.


Pete Buttigieg is Bob Roberts. As a phony he’s perfect, shady as a willow tree, too.
With a resume Pete can’t defend, the lending class keeps him running, with more money to send. He’s already broke so they know Pete will bend. In an unfettered market, how much does a soul fend?
Adios Pete, this is the end.

the be fair, it was a Knights of Labor slogan, first.

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The loyalty of Buttigieg is to the same hoarders of wealth that totally own the Republican Party and intend to totally take over the Democratic Party. He reveals himself when he claims that people that got the bucks will have a choice to buy access to first class health care via the private health insurance racket, and everyone else under Medicare for all is going to suffer second rate care. What a bunch of crap that is by a jerk that is going to tell you all of the things that WE THE PEOPLE cannot do, aside from waste huge amounts of the nation’s resources on all sorts of things that we can do without. Access to the best health care is not one of those things we and our families can do without—and minus it, nothing is of on damn bit of importance. We Americans already spend twice as much on health care than any other nation in the world and we are not getting our money’s worth.

The only “die hard insurance co. lovers” there are work in, or for, the health insurance industry.

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This article did not quote the “offensive” tweets, so why not? I read Pete’s manifesto, and it seems perfectly reasonable to me that making medicare an option for anyone that wants it will kill off for-profit health insurance naturally, and gradually.Why force it on people who don’t want it? There ARE strong unions with great and effective health insurance that’s better than medicare, I doubt it’s cheaper, but if they want to keep it, why deny them? (whoops, I said them, not we) At any rate, I think a lot less of the integrity of commondreams DOT org publicly bashing a political candidate for comments they didn’t even quote. What are they hiding? What did he actually say? They say he said “they” not “we”, but how are WE supposed to know? Tweets are public record; if they knew he tweeted it, or the campaign tweeted it, it only takes a second to copypaste it. I smell a rat.

Did he say medicare clients would receive second-rate care?

I’ll put this in the most understandable way I know how. Everybody deserves healthcare, whether they’re able to work or not. My ex-father in law was wealthy enough to pay for two double-lung transplants, and when his Cadillac plan dropped him, he paid cash. I don’t see any reason to deny him the option, may God rest his soul; it was his money, and he earned it. Nobody else had to die because he got a second and a third chance.