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Aggrieved Witnesses Drive Off Rogue Cops: You Know You're Doing Wrong - Go Home


Aggrieved Witnesses Drive Off Rogue Cops: You Know You're Doing Wrong - Go Home

The ultimate in community policing - in this case, a fed-up community ordering over-the-top NYPD to bugger off - went down in Harlem when a burly plainclothes cop tried to manhandle, terrorize and arrest a 14-year-old girl for possibly pushing an alarm on a police call box. Copwatch was filming as a crowd of increasingly pissed women called out and pushed off the hapless cop, who finally, remarkably, gave up. Howard Zinn: "Civil disobedience is not our problem. Our problem is civil obedience."


Brave beautiful community resistance, no guarantees but blessed resistance. Thanks for posting.


In the old days, you could demand a badge number and his watch commander’s phone number. Failure to give it to the citizen, was guaranteed shit-list FUBAR for the cop.

But these anonymous persons, these so-called cops today, with tats and attitudes, who are unworthy of any respect at all, flatly refuse to identify themselves and their departments apparently condone this type of terrorism of the community. They look and act like thugs. A real peace officer doesn’t sport tattoos and terrorize the community in this fashion.

The fraternal order of law enforcement is nothing but a club for super-citizens who fondle anyone they want to and never get tickets for the obnoxious driving they do. It’s time to liquidate all large centralized law enforcement and representational government, and put unarmed elders in each block, who know the locals, in charge again.