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Agh Scary Dark Hordes Are Coming!


Agh Scary Dark Hordes Are Coming!

So fetid real Donald Trump has released his first TV ad, a stunningly unsavory mudhole of race-baiting, fear-mongering and lies in which he vows to cut the head off ISIS, build a wall against dirty Mexicans except it shows Moroccans 'cause brown people all look alike, and ban Muslims “until we can figure out what’s going on” - his bestest and most eloquent policy line to date. Oh, what a long, dark, mournful plunge from the better angels of our nature.


"... cut off the head of ISIS..."

So, Trump is pledging to take out the USA and Saudi Arabia... right?


It does no harm here. People on this site are immune to such bigotry and oligarchic fascism. Besides his hair is too weird. Seriously!


What an absolute train wreck DT is! He has no clue about foreign relations and how his message will be used by IS or ISIS or ISIL to foment even more unrest and recruit new followers (jihadists). His narcissism surely "trumps" his common sense and his lack of intellectual curiosity rivals that of GWB...and they both belong to the Repugnant Party..."birds of a feather" who both think they are 'COCKS OF THE WALK" (well, part of that phrase is true...the very first part to be exact.)


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