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Aging Paperless Voting Machines in Hotly-Contested Districts Stoke Fears Ahead of Midterms


Aging Paperless Voting Machines in Hotly-Contested Districts Stoke Fears Ahead of Midterms

Julia Conley, staff writer

More than 140 of November's congressional elections will be decided using electronic voting machines with no verifiable paper trail, leading to concerns among election officials that any hacking or tampering will be undetectable—and accurate recounts or audits in the event of extremely close races, difficult to verify.


No paper trail… no legit vote… with the absolutely corrupt monkeys running none of them can be trusted.


This needs to be done quickly. Whatever it takes is should get done.


Of course. US has the most corrupt voting system among developed countries. We cannot trust our votes anymore. The system is corrupt to the core. This will not be easy to fix. It’s a much bigger issue.


How many decades more will I have to read about these crooked voting machines? It’s like everyone has amnesia between each election cycle and people have to come to the same mysterious conclusion over and over again and nothing ever gets done. I know what that tells em… but most of you still somehow despite the mountain of evidence against you, still choose to put your hopes in a rigged system expecting each time for a different result. Social Programming is terribly effective it appears…


Got 90 minutes and some hacking skills?


high-tech japan - paper ballots - cannot trust privately owned and accessed systems


A quick search confirmed my impression that this couldn’t be true. It was $380 Million.


Blockchain voting could revolutionize elections.


Well let’s get busy then! No time to waste!


I realize that the system is being rigged. It is obviously being rigged by republicans because they are actually in the real minority in this country. If we actually ever had real true and fair elections in this country, no republicans would probably ever get elected. Why do you suppose they do so much gerrymandering, purge the voting rolls, write overly strict voter ID laws and constantly scream about millions of illegal people voting when there have only been less than one hundred cases ever prosecuted of illegal voting in American history and when overly strict voter ID laws keep hundreds of thousands of American citizens who were likely to have voted for democrats from voting at all every year, every election. Why else would republican candidates like Trump want to get help from Russians and guys with social media expertise from the UAE in exchange for foreign policy concessions like reduced sanctions or arms deals! Of course the elections are bad. This just means that everyone must get out even more and vote so that we can overcome some of this foul play. When ninety million people just didn’t bother to vote in 2016, who needs Russians or gerrymandering or election fraud? My God, just keep ninety million voters from voting at all and that will ensure that the bad guys will win every time all by itself! America must start caring! Apathy is destroying our democracy! We must get more involved! We must at least vote! It is our patriotic duty to vote! People have died for our right to vote.


Diebold’s rigged machines stole the Ohio vote for the RePoop-Lickens in 2004 – enough to keep the Shrub Lying Son-of-a-Bush in the White House – and it’s only gotten a lot worse since . . .


“The concerns come as anxiety over the legitimacy of elections is growing, with nearly three-quarters of voters telling CNN earlier this year that they are concerned about foreign interference in the American voting process.”

I am far more concerned about American interference in the American voting process, dammit. My State Employees Credit Union adopted Diebold touchscreen ATMs 3-5 years ago. So far I have seen no evidence that my checking account has been hacked, but some of the touchscreens STILL don’t work reliably, requiring me to go into the office to make a small withdrawal and defeating all of the several purposes of the ATM.

ICYMI, Diebold is a leading maker of non-auditable voting machines (and one of the first), whose then-CEO Wally O’Dell committed publicly in August of 2003 “to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the President” (i.e., George II). Ohio did indeed go to Shrub in 2004, and there was strong evidence of election tampering, but it was made moot by John Kerry’s stunningly early concession.


“it was made moot by John Kerry’s stunningly early concession”
He knew and supported the need to maintain the illusion of democracy amongst our oligarchic duopoly.


We should ask the Venezuelans to come show us how its done. The Carter Institute declares them the best of the 92 countries they’ve monitored. Go Chavistas! https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/05/30/venezuela-defeats-us-in-election/


There seems to be endless potential problems with voting but having a paper trail is a no-brainer. I don’t know how these completely electronic voting machines got selected in the first place but the sooner they are replaced with machines with a paper trail the better.


They got any proof of that?!


Yep, from “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?” to “Mr. Heinz of the petit bourgeoisie” in just thirty years.


Of course the voting machines and results are a complete fraud. Nothing will be done about it in the forseeable future except devising virtually undetectable cheating methods. People will continue to wear their I voted sticker proudly none the wiser.


Nothing but a big nothing-burger so far…