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Agro-Imperialism in the Time of Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/14/agro-imperialism-time-covid-19

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Land is patient. It waits to inter its “owners” in the end.

It’s stories like these that make me think the entire world is headed for the mother of all wars with the fascist forces, that will make WWII seem like Childs play, even before the climate extinction.

Raygun didn’t invent trickle-down economics, it’s been the rich’s go to plan since the invention of capitalism, his administration just got to name it and exploit it, with ever decreasing taxes.


They (the upper 1%) don’t care that you (the lower 99%) care. They seriously don’t think about you, or what you think about, unless you get in the way of the profits to their very-very few, then they will use the full power of their wealth to ‘clean it up’. If that causes damage to the environment, they don’t care, if it causes illness in you, they don’t care, if it causes deaths, they don’t care.

They seriously don’t care that you care. They really don’t care that their not caring bothers you. They don’t think about it, or you, at all.


Colonialism, Imperialism and Corporatism are all very much the same thing. The goal of these isms is to steal away the common wealth of the people and concentrate it into the hands of some small few.

It how the filthy rich get rich. They steal.