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Agrochem Giants' Own Secret Tests Find Pesticides Harm Bees: Report


Agrochem Giants' Own Secret Tests Find Pesticides Harm Bees: Report

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Agrochemical giants Syngenta and Bayer discovered in their own tests that their pesticides caused severe harm to bees, according to unpublished documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the environmental group Greenpeace.


The takeover by the psychopaths in now nearly complete. There’s little room to turn this around and time is not on our, the people’s, side. The solutions seem to be beyond our grasp. I’m really hoping that changes real soon.


Bayer and Syngenta, environmental terrorists! Spreading indiscriminate destruction.


Do the idiots who run these companies really think their Children will be OK if they collapse the world’s Food Chain with their pesticides?

Or are they So Stupid they are just sitting around the country club bar saying
“Let them Eat McDonalds” because they have a secret recipe for Plastic Burgers?


No more government policies based on “corporate science”.
Independent, publicly transparent and accountable research, corporate funded, over seen by pro-environmental reps who will file complete reports online 24/7.
No secret meetings between the corporations and politicians.
Politicians and bureaucrats hiding public info are canned/fined/ imprisoned.
The cautionary principle must rule.
The fascist game cannot be allowed to continue.
Yeah, i’m an extremist - i’m pro bee, pro healthy food, and pro democracy.
Imagine that!


Our so called “leaders” here in the US have failed to protect the people of the US and the bees. They no longer (if ever) serve the common good, the community - but serve their own and others financial interests. They live in a revolving door of self interest and self service. They care about nothing good - only their myopic view which can only see their little world and nothing else. How do we get them out? or are they reflections of a flawed American character which dooms all of us?


“Given all the debate about this subject, it is hard” NOT “to see why the companies don’t make these kinds of studies available.” There, I fixed it.


“If Bayer and Syngenta cared about the future of our pollinators, they would have made the findings public. Instead, they kept quiet about them for months and carried on downplaying nearly every study that questioned the safety of their products. It’s time for these companies to come clean about what they really know,” Greenpeace’s Ben Stewart told the Guardian.

So let’s fix this one too: “If Bayer and Syngenta caed about the future of our food supply, they would have ade the findings public.”