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Agroecology: Radically Changing How We Face Food Insecurity and Climate Change


Agroecology: Radically Changing How We Face Food Insecurity and Climate Change

Josianne Gauthier

Food insecurity is largely driven by a food system that is highly controlled by agribusiness. But there's a better way.


Right on! Because – as we all know – there are no “policies” or anything else that support the present economic system. It stands in the light of day like a beautiful crystal, given to humanity by a loving God!

The system we have now is pure, natural, and right. And it emerged freely, without any crimes, thefts, genocides, enslavement, or actually any coercion of anyone ever.

You are such a tool, and you are completely unaware of your toolhood.


GREEN BEANIES TO THE RESCUE, not saying we do not need to “quickly” modify world’s supply and distribution but as one respondent pointed out, if it cannot be grown in hot houses?
For the last 10-15 years all Eurocentric Russia , India, China have been subsidizing UV resistant plant developement, now why is that?
Like may be our ozone layer may not have as many lasting holes in it but it is thinning out, not so deeply layered, at around 2-3.5% PER year and has been for 20 years just not at that high a rate.
Some climatologist noted this pattern years ago, and that is why they hollered to quit certain harmful practices by individuals, corporations, military civilian aviation, and bunker fueld ocean going ships.
Estimated by 2040 it may be impossible to grow above ground UNLESS protected by UV resistant green houses.
Like to remind the Green BEANIES it was they who seeped and wrung hands to get gov subsidies for GO’s so we could feed starving Blacks in Africa and Brown’s in Lower Americas.
It was they who cheered when Bill Gates and other elites rounded up seeds and clones for every plant in world, to be stuffed in a populace inaccessible mountain.
US is already a net importer of food goods mainly greens and fruits but some grainsrice and exotics quinoa etc. And if Americans could get head out of as s they would of paid closer to loss of our export crops; from 20-40 % drop after 3 years of declines.
US has been sending it’s vociferous tree seeds and seedlings to Canada as already due to droughts our timberlands are dead and dying and growth has slowed down.
We are in only the beginning of a continental wide 60-80 year drought period.
Take a look at Mighty Mississippi drainage and not some shops cannot navigate up or downriver except after heavy freshers
Colorado Springs population received 50+ millions of com radiation this year and we have #s of cities at 25 millions All radiation from non natural sources is cumulative

You now have permissible radiation levels in your drinking water, fish, domestic and imported foods, all thanks to Hillary and Obama’s PEA edicts.
We and the Green BEANIES running on emotions not rational thought let the political and corporate elite frame arguments for and against “climate change” and believing if we all just swap spit and body fluids whole eating greens we could reverse the irreversable.
Why is your Government under Homeland Security and military storing vast tonnage of food in underground caves and tunnels? Enough for AT most 25 millions so far.

Take note of Euro underground cities complete with farm lands, Japan has had underground grows for over 40 years.


Lots of pie in sky groupies make wage while they can and always it is fun y ya save the earth farming like hippy communes.
Without excess crops to trade what and who will these Green Babies get wages from?


The U.S. now has likely the worst food system in the world. Products like RoundUp that are banned in dozens of other countries because of health concerns (non-Hodgkins lymphoma, celiac disease) are not only used freely in the U.S., but the actual foundation of our crop growing system.

Most U.S. farmers are now chained to a system that needs heavy pesticide application on mono-cropped fields using heavy mechanization. Because of soil runoff and wind erosion caused by these methods we’ve already lost something like 30% of our topsoil.

Agroecology is how all food was grown when farmers worked with nature–crop rotation, companion planting, use of mulch for weed control, compost and manure for fertilizer, multi-cropping, nitrogen-fixing cover planting like clover to restore the soil in winter. You know, like nature does naturally . . .

Now our farmers grow crops by poisoning weeds and insects, which also kills soil organisms that keep soil healthy and beneficial insects that control harmful ones. Insects and weeds have evolved to be resistant to these poisons and the only solution industrial agriculture can offer is new and more powerful pesticides. A death treadmill.

Then livestock farmers add antibiotics, hormones and medicines to animal feed and that stuff leaches both into the environment and into our bodies.

It has come to this: our food kills us.