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'Ah, Yes,' Says AOC of Trump After Jab at Green New Deal, 'A Man Who Can’t Even Read Briefings Written in Full Sentences'


'Ah, Yes,' Says AOC of Trump After Jab at Green New Deal, 'A Man Who Can’t Even Read Briefings Written in Full Sentences'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Responding to a comment President Donald Trump reportedly made to Breitbart News denigrating the Green New Deal resolution she introduced to Congress last week, Rep.



Every educated individual needs to take a cue from AOC and dig in against the liars and their echoes through the willfully ignorant. Knowledge Is Power, BUT Only If Used! When so much of life on earth is in peril there is no time to waste with polite deference to the ill-gotten powers afforded to the monied class. Power needs to be wrested from the grips of the status quo and installed into a more just future for all.



“When so much of life on earth is in peril there is no time to waste with polite deference to the ill-gotten powers afforded to the monied class.”

Example: enormous profits from such omni-permeating toxic chemicals as glyphosate and neonic insecticides destroying the environment at a rapid pace. These substances should never have been invented. They need to be pulled from the market immediately but will not because their manufacturers, corporations bound by law to maximize profits for their shareholders, write bills to their advantage to be introduced to Congress by representatives and senators literally owned by them as chattel. Profits over poisons.

That’s one example. There are hundreds. It’s a juggernaut we are up against. I for one will use figurative and literal monkeywrenches whenever possible against these planet destroyers for profit.

I’m 69 years old, not in great health, have nothing to lose and I am pissed off. I am not the only one. Us old farts could elect an all green government inside of ten years. Green candidates can’t win so why bother. No, of course not with that attitude! I present AOC for your consideration. With a little effort we could make her the snowball at the top of this hopeful hill. Meanwhile I’ll be out in my shop cleaning and oiling my monkeywrenches.



I am gay. But I fall in love with this person more and more each day.



As evidenced by the replies on this thread so far, AOC is the feminist Trump. Her ideas may be half baked but she is so media savvy that none of that really maters. What a fitting parry to the Trump phenomena!



Yeah real great idea on how to shut up the hallow head Trump ask him a 4th grade level spelling question. Or ask him what is CO2, the capital of Kansas…etc simple grade school questions.



Just as Dubya had to play dumb so his base would always consider him to be their first choice to have a beer with, Trump and other GOP operatives realize that they need to play the dumb card and demonize facts, evidence and the “elites” (who pay attention to such things) as enemies.

Trump is not as dumb as he appears. He is a great actor who knows how to push his base’s buttons to his advantage.

Goebbels would love Trump.



The MSM has begun the belittling of The New Green Deal by focusing on the " less emphasis on air travel " and " guaranteed employment for all who are willing and able ".
Translation: we don’t want to ride on high-speed trains or smart buses with the riff-raff. And, full employment ( with Medicare-for-All ) means the balance of power is no longer sharply tilted to the whims of multi-national corporations and their stockholders.
This is a Green New Deal and a New Deal 2.0 rolled into a framework understandable to the working and middle classes. OH NOS!!! Be afraid, be very afraid, the Social Democrats and Progressive-Populists are coming to: Make America Better Again.



Ray, you can only pretend so much. Both Dubya and Trump are pretty fucking stupid. If nothing else their problem solving ability highlights their stupidity. Both can try to solve a relatively simple problem but rather than solve it they make it a thousand times worse. Iraq is a perfect example for Bu$h and launching the 59 cruise missiles on Syria for Trump. There are volumes full of more examples. Both are spoiled children of billionaires. Nothing more.



They’re fully baked. You need to bake your posts a little longer.



No. He is as dumb as he appears. His sycophants, not so much.



You said it Dawg. Trump is a real stable genius.

And I am Genghis Khan reincarnated.

When will the People stop idolizing these rich mental midgets. No offense to little people intended.

Happy Anniversary Dawg!



Have you seen the movie, "Half Baked?"

Crazy funny, specially if you’re half baked.



Hello PonyBoy, Trump is a “stable” genius. Put him in a stable and he will clean it up by eating it!!!



AOC, is the antidote to the miasma of Trump so ignorant; so old; and such an ugly hairdo! So intelligent; so young; and so beautiful!



Put me in coach, I’m ready to go. This is the molotov party isn’t it?

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I’m not gay, but I don’t want my wife to know I’m falling in love with her too. Can she be tabbed as a vice president candidate. She will be running for president as soon as she is qualified. I think so anyway.



Thanks Pony:) It’s really no surprise that the offspring of billionaires are morons. They’ve grown up with nothing being expected of them along with a sense of entitlement that comes from them always getting their way simply because they have money that others want a piece of. Chris Hedges grew up in a wealthy family and has written many articles on how spoiled and utterly impossible it is to even associate with the rich and their vermin kids because of their narcissism, sense of grandiosity, and gross sense of entitlement. The French got it right…kill them off like the rats they are. Fuck em!!!

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Yes. Right wingers are fond of saying that unions are dangerous because they support and enable mediocrity. If that’s true (and I don’t concede for a minute that it is), the same would be true, to a far greater degree, of inherited wealth.

The cure for that is confiscatory estate taxes. Hey, if their kids are as superior as they’d have us believe, they’ll achieve greatness without a dime.



I seem to remember a time when corporate monopoly, and family dynasties were taboo.
WTF happened to THAT.