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'Ah, Yes,' Says AOC of Trump After Jab at Green New Deal, 'A Man Who Can’t Even Read Briefings Written in Full Sentences'


We should have ZERO tolerance for Trump and his lying for one thing. Why is it that only the press and MSM call him out. He has marginalized them to the point that they are toothless.
Truth squad with armored truck and squad members in full riot gear coming to a lie near you Mr. bullshit.


My intention (not as clearly stated as I should have done) was less to critique AOC’s ideas, than the public’s infatuation with her style. As far as the programs, “rots o ruck”, finding the legislative support–(even among Democrats) to enable such programs into existance. But we shall see–so do stay tuned!


“‘A new generation of leaders is rising that just may be ready to take on the fight [against Trump and the Republicans],’ Jackson wrote. ‘Like AOC, they will come under intense fire. They will succeed only if we build a popular movement strong enough to overcome the resistance.’”

  1. This is important. AOC’s progressive ideas and character may be gratifying to witness - but cannot truly succeed if she remains a lone, unafraid voice in a den of thieves and wolves. To effectively voice resistance, she needs an active and engaged movement by her side.

The real power of Sanders was not just his apparent authenticity or willingness to frankly voice progressive demands; it was that - unexpectedly - he became the spokesperson for the insurgency of the long-derided progressive liberal half of the Democratic Party. What is generating the “intense fire” leveled at AOC is the fear that she and other newly elected progressives might, again, succeed at galvanizing and focusing this electorate.

Join the conversation, be a signatory to open letters, go to rallies and town hall meetings, forward posts to your friends. If you can do nothing else, make donations. Do anything but be an armchair progressive. AOC’s enemies have it in for her, eager for any error, any pretext for attack.

  1. And, of course, this applies equally to resisting not just the extreme right wing politics of the Republicans, but the dominant right liberals of the Democratic Party - who have it in for her too. To stick her neck out and resist them, her ideas must work hand-in-hand with active, mass support.

AOC’s website/mailing list: https://ocasio2018.com/splash


Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez draws fire because her Puerto Rican racial heritage is part black, part indigenous and part European. Next, she’s a woman. Most important to the bullies, she doesn’t support the billionaires at all. She’s only 29 years old. Finally, she has a potent future and this scares the manipulators.

At the political power level, vulgar racism as a weapon is both accepted as completely normal (!) and it’s quite impersonal. For example, the racism card was played against Senator McCain for his crime of adopting a nonwhite baby.

I can’t bring myself to call Mr. Trump stupid. He reportedly would test out with about a 100 IQ. However, sometimes he sounds like a stroke may have given him a portion of dementia.

‘But her visit to North Dakota, where she saw others “putting their whole lives and everything that they had on the line for the protection of their community”, inspired her to begin to work for her own community’ – Wikipedia - - - - - You’d do well if you did likewise.


Half baked? When you struggle for air ( tainted air ) and don’t have proper mechanism to clean it properly you might change your mind. Remember, over half of our oxygen comes
from the ocean. When carbon dioxide is absorbed by the ocean, it turns into carbonic acid which kills one cell organisms which produce oxygen. If the oceans die, we die.


Let us start this meme and spread it far and wide:



Love towards a person does not have to be sex-oriented.



“‘Through an astute campaign built on a political communication style tailored towards her audience, she energised the young,’ Breen wrote. ‘More so, she energised the disenchanted.’”

She energizes not merely the disenchanted, but the disfranchised – in the broad sense, not merely those denied the vote – who understand what it means to be left completely out of the democratic process. The plebiscite is not the core of democracy but the hinge (or perhaps the choke point) between its inception and its implementation, and political democracy that does is not mutually reinforced by economic democracy is meaningless.


Yeah, well true, however, I want people to know I was not attracted to her sexually and thinks she’s great just because she’s a young woman.

Homosexual men do things without concerning ourselves with heterosexuality.


I want lots of green plants to eat some of the excess carbon dioxide in the environment to get things back into better balance.


Chris Hedges grew up in a wealthy family

Chris Hedges grew up in a modest middle class family. He went to an exclusive private school on scholarship where is where he interacted with the wealthy.



“Trump realize[s] that [he] need[s] to play the dumb card.”
What?!? Is that why he’s always telling everybody what a genius he is (great brain, really smart)?
“Trump is not as dumb as he appears.”
Oh, he is far dumber than he appears. One doesn’t need a great intellect to be a great actor. And don’t confuse the ability to manipulate with intelligence.
(edited to add: And he’s a great actor as long as he only has to play one character, Donald Tramp)


would make a great t-shirt :slight_smile: